Dòngwù Sēnlín

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"iQue" redirects here. For the Chinese video game company, see iQue (company). For the video game console based on the Nintendo 64, see iQue Player. For the item in Dòngwù Sēnlín, see Item:iQue (Dòngwù Sēnlín).
iQue digital store cover
iQue digital store cover
Main theme
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Director(s) Katsuya Eguchi
Hisashi Nogami
Platform(s) iQue Player
Release date(s) China June 1, 2006[1]
Genre(s) Simulation
Language(s) China Chinese (simplified)
Modes Single-player
File size 62 Blocks
iQue Player

Dòngwù Sēnlín[nb 1] is a port of Doubutsu no Mori released for the iQue Player in China. It was released on June 1, 2006, five years after the original Nintendo 64 version, and it was the last game released for the iQue Player. Dòngwù Sēnlín is the only mainline Animal Crossing game to be released in China.

Dòngwù Sēnlín features numerous localization changes to items, events, and textures.

Differences from Doubutsu no Mori[edit]


DnM Dial Typing.png
IQue Typing Interface.png
The Doubutsu no Mori (left) and Dòngwù Sēnlín (right) typing interfaces.
  • The typing interface is changed from the dial interface to a QWERTY keyboard, similar to the international versions of Animal Crossing.



User interface[edit]

DnM Default Town Tune.png
IQue Default Town Tune.png
The Doubutsu no Mori (left) and Dòngwù Sēnlín (right) town tune editing interfaces.
The title screen of Dòngwù Sēnlín
  • The Nintendo 64 logo animation played when booting up the game is replaced with the iQue Player logo.
  • The copyright text on the title screen now reads "©2001-2006 Nintendo" to reflect the game's release date in China, and text reading "©2006 iQue" was added below it.
  • The English "Press Start Button!" text on the title screen in Doubutsu no Mori is now partially in Chinese, reading "按START钮!".
  • All town names have (village) appended to them.
  • The town tune editing interface uses numbers instead of katakana.


  • The English "POST OFFICE" text on the entrance of the post office is now in Chinese, reading 邮政局 (post office).
  • Instances of the Japanese postal mark, , have been replaced with a letter symbol.
  • The sign on the side of Nook's Cranny is now red with a black circle and text instead of white with a red circle and text. The sign has the fortune symbol 福 upside-down on a diagonal red square, a visual pun in Chinese to imply good luck.
  • The textures on Tom Nook's other stores have also been updated with Chinese characters.
  • The Japanese text on outdoor objects such as Redd's stall at the Fireworks Festival, Katrina's fortune table on New Year's Morning, and the Countdown clock have been changed to Chinese.
  • The textures in and around the police station are in Chinese.
  • The appearance of the shrine is different, now featuring different textures and missing the wooden extrusions from the roof and the bells from the front.


  • The following items from Doubutsu no Mori are replaced with new items:
Hex ID Original item (Doubutsu no Mori) Replacement item (Dòngwù Sēnlín)
1080 Stair Tansu DnM+ Model.png
Stair tansu
Advertising Board iQue Model.png
Advertising board
10D4 Blue Kotatsu DnM+ Model.png
Blue kotatsu
Brazier iQue Model.png
10E4 Hinaningyo PG Model.png
Flour-Man Shelf iQue Model.png
Flour-man shelf
1114 Keiko Figurine PG Model.png
Keiko figurine
Warrior with Ceramic Armor iQue Model.png
Warrior with ceramic armor
1118 Yuki Figurine PG Model.png
Yuki figurine
Warrior with Copper Armor iQue Model.png
Warrior with copper armor
111C Yoko Figurine PG Model.png
Yoko figurine
Ceramic Warrior Kneeling and Shooting iQue Model.png
Ceramic warrior kneeling and shooting
1120 Emi Figurine PG Model.png
Emi figurine
Copper Warrior Kneeling and Shooting iQue Model.png
Copper warrior kneeling and shooting
1124 Maki Figurine PG Model.png
Maki figurine
Ceramic General iQue Model.png
Ceramic general
1128 Naomi Figurine PG Model.png
Naomi figurine
Copper General iQue Model.png
Copper general
11C4 N Logo PG Model.png
N logo
IQue iQue Model.png
1208 Desk with Cloth DnM+ Model.png
Desk with cloth
Desk with Books iQue Model.png
Desk with books
1220 Kadomatsu DnM+ Model.png
Substitution Card iQue Model.png
Substitution card
1224 Kagamimochi DnM+ Model.png
New Year's Goods iQue Model.png
New Year's goods
122C Tall Lantern PG Model.png
Tall lantern
Stone Stool iQue Model.png
Stone stool
1230 Pond Lantern PG Model.png
Pond lantern
Incense Burner iQue Model.png
Incense burner
1290 Super Toilet PG Model.png
Super toilet
Wooden Toilet iQue Model.png
Wooden toilet
13E0 Deer Scare PG Model.png
Deer scare
Stone Table iQue Model.png
Stone table
13F8 Certain-Victory Daruma DnM+ Model.png
Certain-victory daruma
Blue Face Makeup Egg iQue Model.png
Blue face makeup egg
13FC Daruma DnM+ Model.png
Red Face Makeup Egg iQue Model.png
Red face makeup egg
1400 Mini Daruma DnM+ Model.png
Mini daruma
White Face Makeup Egg iQue Model.png
White face makeup egg
1474 Traffic Guidance Robot DnM+ Model.png
Traffic guidance robot
Yellow Sand Pile iQue Model.png
Yellow sand pile
1490 Bujian Washbasin DnM+ Model.png
Bujian washbasin
Telephoto Lens Camera iQue Model.png
Telephoto lens camera
1498 Washbasin DnM+ Model.png
Wine Jar iQue Model.png
Wine jar
14BC Long Washbasin DnM+ Model.png
Long washbasin
Large Water Tank iQue Model.png
Large water tank
1524 Bucket DnM+ Model.png
Massage Bed iQue Model.png
Massage bed
152C Bath Chairs DnM+ Model.png
Bath chairs
Bedside Cabinet iQue Model.png
Bedside cabinet
1548 Massage Chair DnM+ Model.png
Massage chair
Heater iQue Model.png
154C Bath Mat DnM+ Model.png
Bath mat
Wooden Slippers iQue Model.png
Wooden slippers
1564 Clerk's Booth DnM+ Model.png
Clerk's booth
Corner Flag iQue Model.png
Corner flag
1574 Partitioning Screen DnM+ Model.png
Partitioning screen
Soccer Goal iQue Model.png
Soccer goal
1598 Milk Case DnM+ Model.png
Milk case
Electronic Scoreboard iQue Model.png
Electronic scoreboard
1CDC Nintendo Parasol PG Model.png
Nintendo parasol
Fortune Umbrella iQue Model.png
Fortune umbrella
1D88 Aiko Figurine PG Model.png
Aiko figurine
Headless Warrior iQue Model.png
Headless warrior
1DC4 Maneki-Neko DnM+ Model.png
Porcelain Piggy Bank iQue Model.png
Porcelain piggy bank
1DC8 Black Maneki-Neko DnM+ Model.png
Black maneki-neko
Ceramic Piggy Bank iQue Model.png
Ceramic piggy bank
1DCC Samurai Suit PG Model.png
Samurai suit
Guan Yu Statue iQue Model.png
Guan Yu statue
1DD0 Tanuki Figurine DnM+ Model.png
Tanuki figurine
Left Stone Lion Statue iQue Model.png
Left stone lion statue
1DD4 Safe-Return Frog DnM+ Model.png
Safe-return frog
Right Stone Lion Statue iQue Model.png
Right stone lion statue
1E2C Tokonoma DnM+ Model.png
Large Plant iQue Model.png
Large plant
2463 Noodle Shirt PG Model.png
Noodle shirt
Mexican Shirt iQue Model.png
Mexican shirt
24BF Doubutsu no Mori}}
I love 64 shirt
IQue Shirt iQue Model.png
iQue shirt
24CB Doubutsu no Mori}}
N cube shirt
Game Console Shirt iQue Model.png
Game console shirt
2505 Pokémon Pikachu PG Inv Icon.png
Pokémon Pikachu
IQueGBA iQue Icon.png
260B 8 Mat Tatami PG Texture.png
8 mat tatami
Soccer Field Carpet iQue Texture.png
Soccer field carpet
261F Tatami Floor PG Texture.png
Tatami floor
Light-Colored Wooden Floor iQue Texture.png
Light-colored wooden floor
2709 Mortar Wall PG Texture.png
Mortar wall
Classical Garden Wall iQue Texture.png
Classical garden wall
270B Tea Room Wall PG Texture.png
Tea room wall
Audience Wallpaper iQue Texture.png
Audience wallpaper
  • The designs of the following items are changed:
Item Original design (Doubutsu no Mori) Changed design (Dòngwù Sēnlín) Changes made
Barricade Barricade DnM+ Model.png Barricade iQue Model.png The Japanese text was changed to Chinese.
Bathhouse locker Bathhouse Locker DnM+ Model.png Bathhouse Locker iQue Model.png The frame and locker doors were changed from brown and cream, respectively, to maroon for both, and the design of the door handles was changed.
Bus stop Bus Stop DnM+ Model.png Bus Stop iQue Model.png The Japanese text on the main sign was changed to Chinese, and the lower sign now displays a more detailed schedule.
Cubby hole Cubby Hole PG Model.png Cubby Hole iQue Model.png The item was changed from white to brown, and the objects inside the cubby holes were all changed to mugs.
Detour signboard Detour Signboard DnM+ Model.png Detour Signboard iQue Model.png The graphic was removed and Chinese text now covers the entire sign.
Drink vending machine Drink Vending Machine DnM+ Model.png Drink Vending Machine iQue Model.png The entire front of the machine is now a glass door, with several bottles visible behind it.
Fence Fence DnM+ Model.png Fence iQue Model.png The Japanese text was changed to Chinese.
Fence with signboard Fence with Signboard DnM+ Model.png Fence with Signboard iQue Model.png The Japanese text on the fence was changed to Chinese, and the Japanese text on the signboard was removed.
Fence with vinyl Fence with Vinyl DnM+ Model.png Fence with Vinyl iQue Model.png The Japanese text was changed to Chinese, and the vinyl was changed from white with a small green cross to a red, white, and blue striped pattern.
Folding chair Folding Chair PG Model.png Folding Chair iQue Model.png The seat and backrest were changed from blue to red.
Folding screen Folding Screen DnM+ Model.png Folding Screen iQue Model.png The graphic on the screen was changed from a bonsai tree against a yellow background to a monochrome landscape.
Graffiti desk Graffiti Desk DnM+ Model.png Graffiti Desk iQue Model.png The item was changed to be made from wood, and its size is 2×1 instead of 1×1.
Handcart Handcart PG Model.png Handcart iQue Model.png The item now faces forward rather than being rotated 45 degrees, the shovel was removed, and it now has a wheel on each side rather than one in the center.
Letter cubby Letter Cubby PG Model.png Letter Cubby iQue Model.png The item was changed from white to brown, and the objects inside the cubby holes were all changed to mugs, with the exception of the letter.
Mop Mop PG Model.png Mop iQue Model.png The mop now protrudes from the buckets much farther.
Morning assembly stand Morning Assembly Stand DnM+ Model.png Morning Assembly Stand iQue Model.png The item was changed from a metal platform to a wooden podium.
Office chair Office Chair PG Model.png Office Chair iQue Model.png The part connecting the backrest to the seat was changed from two columns to one wide column.
Pop machine Pop Machine PG Model.png Pop Machine iQue Model.png The item was changed from a vending machine to a soda fountain.
Chair with cloth Chair with Cloth DnM+ Model.png Chair with Cloth iQue Model.png The item was changed to be made from wood, and the rag is now draped from the backrest.
Red drum Red Drum DnM+ Model.png Red Drum iQue Model.png The Japanese text was changed to Chinese.
Request signboard Request Signboard DnM+ Model.png Request Signboard iQue Model.png The Japanese text was changed to Chinese, and the graphic was changed.
Rocket Rocket PG Model.png Rocket iQue Model.png The space rocket's fins were replaced with rocket boosters, and the color scheme changed from white with black to mostly white with red accents.
School chair School Chair DnM+ Model.png School Chair iQue Model.png The item was changed to be made from wood.
School desk School Desk DnM+ Model.png School Desk iQue Model.png The item was changed to be made from wood, and its size is 2×1 instead of 1×1.
Shogi board Shogi Board DnM+ Model.png Shogi Board iQue Model.png The label on the box of shogi pieces is changed.
Space heater Space Heater PG Model.png Space Heater iQue Model.png The item has a completely different shape and is gold instead of gray.
Sturdy school chair Sturdy School Chair DnM+ Model.png Sturdy School Chair iQue Model.png The lines on the seat and backrest were removed.
Taiko drum Taiko Drum PG Model.png Taiko Drum iQue Model.png The decorative handles on both sides of the barrel were removed.
Wash station Wash Station DnM+ Model.png Wash Station iQue Model.png The item was changed from a sink with mirrors to a shower.
Work ahead signboard Work Ahead Signboard DnM+ Model.png Work Ahead Signboard iQue Model.png The Japanese text was changed to Chinese.
Bathhouse wall Bathhouse Wall DnM+ Texture.png Bathhouse Wall iQue Texture.png The item was completely redesigned. In the new design, the bottom half has a blue semi-circle motif surrounded with water bubbles, while the top half resembles bathhouse steam rising against an aqua background.
Danger paper Danger Paper DnM+.png Danger Paper iQue.png The green cross was changed to a yellow graphic, and the Japanese text on the red stamp was changed to Chinese.
New year's card New Year's Card DnM+.png New Year's Card iQue.png The Japanese text was changed to Chinese, and the kagamimochi on top and the kadomatsus on each side were changed to different plants.
Carp Carp PG Field Sprite.pngCarp PG Icon.pngCarp PG Furniture Model.png Carp iQue Sprite.pngCarp iQue Icon.pngCarp iQue Furniture Model.png The yellow gradient on the body of the fish and its blue fins were both changed to red.
Grab bag Grab Bag PG Sprite.pngGrab Bag PG Inv Icon.png Grab Bag iQue Sprite.pngGrab Bag iQue Inv Icon.png The kanji 大入 (ōiri) was removed. It is replaced with a gold design on the item's sprite, but not its inventory icon.
  • The Soccer Theme is added alongside the items that comprise it.
  • The following furniture sets are replaced alongside the items that comprise them:
  • The scale is part of the newly-added Soccer Theme instead of the Publicbath Theme, and it now gives an HRA point penalty if placed facing a wall.
Electrical Sign DnM+ Model.png
The electrical sign in Doubutsu no Mori
Electrical Sign iQue Model.png
The electrical sign in Dòngwù Sēnlín



  • The cover for Dòngwù Sēnlín features Blathers, O'Hare, and Maelle, despite them not appearing in the game; they were all introduced in Doubutsu no Mori+.
  • The cover also features artwork of Tom Nook from Animal Crossing, where his apron has a leaf design on it, rather than the kanji (shop), as seen in the Japanese games and Dòngwù Sēnlín.
  • The font(s) used for the in-game logo of Dòngwù Sēnlín are:
    • AR XinYiGB UL(文鼎新艺体) by Arphic Technology
    • GEETYPE高原极线黑体 大粗(GEETYPE-TakaLineGB-Bold) by GEETYPE.com[2]
  • The font used in for the packaging of Dòngwù Sēnlín is 锐字云字库琥珀简繁(REEJI-CloudHuPoGBT) by Shang hai Rui Xian Creative Design Co., Ltd.

Names in other languages[edit]

Simplified Chinese 动物森林 (iQue)
Dòngwù Sēnlín
Animal Forest

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  1. Chinese: 动物森林 Pinyin: Dòngwù Sēnlín, Animal Forest


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