List of tools/handheld items in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

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The following is a directory of tool and handheld item list pages for every first-generation Animal Crossing game, followed by a list of all tools and handheld items in every game. There are a total of 33 unique tools and handheld items across all first-generation games.

By game[edit]

Item list[edit]

Tools and handheld items in the first-generation Animal Crossing games

Item Image Appearances
Axe axe
Bamboo fan bamboo fan
Batbrella batbrella
Berry umbrella berry umbrella
Blue balloon blue balloon
Blue umbrella blue umbrella
Bluebell fan bluebell fan
Bumbershoot bumbershoot
Bunny B. balloon Bunny B. balloon
Bunny O. balloon Bunny O. balloon
Bunny P. balloon Bunny P. balloon
Checked umbrella checked umbrella
Classic umbrella classic umbrella
Cloud fan cloud fan
Daffodil parasol daffodil parasol
Dainty parasol dainty parasol
Elegant umbrella elegant umbrella
Fan fan fan fan
Fancy pinwheel fancy pinwheel
Fishing rod fishing rod
Flame umbrella flame umbrella
Flower fan flower fan
Flower pinwheel flower pinwheel
Fortune umbrella fortune umbrella
Gelato umbrella gelato umbrella
Gingham parasol gingham parasol
Golden axe golden axe
Golden net golden net
Golden rod golden rod
Golden shovel golden shovel
Green balloon green balloon
Green pinwheel green pinwheel
Hypno parasol hypno parasol
Icy umbrella icy umbrella
Lacy parasol lacy parasol
Leaf fan leaf fan
Leaf umbrella leaf umbrella
Lotus parasol lotus parasol
Maple fan maple fan
Mod umbrella mod umbrella
Net net
Nintendo parasol Nintendo parasol
Noodle parasol noodle parasol
Orange umbrella orange umbrella
Paper parasol paper parasol
Party popper party popper
Pastel parasol pastel parasol
Petal parasol petal parasol
Pink pinwheel pink pinwheel
Plaid parasol plaid parasol
Plum fan plum fan
Polka parasol polka parasol
Purple balloon purple balloon
Red balloon red balloon
Red pinwheel red pinwheel
Retro umbrella retro umbrella
Ribbon parasol ribbon parasol
Sharp umbrella sharp umbrella
Shovel shovel
Striped pinwheel striped pinwheel
Sunny parasol sunny parasol
Tiger pinwheel tiger pinwheel
Twig parasol twig parasol
Yellow balloon yellow balloon
Yellow pinwheel yellow pinwheel
Yellow umbrella yellow umbrella