List of tools/handheld items in Wild World

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The following is a list of tools and handheld items in Animal Crossing: Wild World. For umbrella items, see this page.

Tools in Animal Crossing: Wild World

Item Image Type Buy price Sell price Available from
Axe axe Axe  400 Bells  100 Bells  Tom Nook's store
Golden axe golden axe Axe Not for sale  125 Bells  Pascal
Fishing rod fishing rod Fishing rod  500 Bells  125 Bells  Tom Nook's store
Golden rod golden rod Fishing rod Not for sale  125 Bells  Tortimer
Golden net golden net Net Not for sale  125 Bells  Tortimer
Net net Net  500 Bells  125 Bells  Tom Nook's store
Party popper party popper Party popper Not for sale  30 Bells  Tortimer
Roman candle Roman candle Roman candle Not for sale  30 Bells  Tortimer
Golden shovel golden shovel Shovel Not for sale  125 Bells Dig spot
Shovel shovel Shovel  500 Bells  125 Bells  Tom Nook's store
Slingshot slingshot Slingshot  500 Bells  125 Bells  Tom Nook's store
Golden slingshot golden slingshot Slingshot Not for sale  125 Bells  Balloons
Sparkler sparkler Sparkler Not for sale  30 Bells  Tortimer
Timer timer Timer  500 Bells  125 Bells  Tom Nook's store
Watering can watering can Watering can  500 Bells  125 Bells  Tom Nook's store
Golden can golden can Watering can Not for sale  125 Bells  Pelly
Includes data sourced from the Data Spreadsheet for Animal Crossing: Wild World, compiled by AlexBot2004, TimeSword3D, Cuyler, SuperHamster, and PanchamBro.