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This article is about the item in New Leaf used to locate villagers. For the handheld item in New Horizons also labeled as a megaphone but functions differently, see Handheld item § Megaphone (New Horizons). For the specific New Horizons item pages that are labelled as a megaphone, see Fiery cheer megaphone, Football cheer megaphone, Glittery cheer megaphone, and Starry cheer megaphone.
The player calling for Lobo

The megaphone is a tool introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is primarily used to locate villagers around the town.


The player can locate villagers by holding down the "A" button and speaking their name into the Nintendo 3DS microphone. The villager will respond with a chat bubble indicating their current location. The megaphone can also be used to wake up Gulliver when he washes up on the town's beach. If the megaphone is used when standing next to the villager being called, they will either wave at the player or have a negative reaction depending on their friendship level with the player.

The megaphone cannot be used on Main Street or while wireless communications are active. It is also unable to locate villagers who are inside of buildings.


Megaphones in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Item Image Buy price Sell price Available from Note
Megaphone Megaphone NL Icon.png  500 Bells  125 Bells Timmy and Tommy
Available for sale when store has upgraded to T&T Mart
Can be used to locate villagers

Names in other languages[edit]

European French Mégaphone Megaphone

Italian Megafono Megaphone