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This page is about the handheld item. For the balloons that hang in the air with presents, see Balloon.
Several players holding balloons in New Horizons

Balloons are a handheld item in the Animal Crossing series. The player can hold balloons, and these items can also be placed as furniture. If the player trips while running, is stung by wasps, or falls in a pitfall (except in New Horizons) while holding a balloon, they will lose that balloon. Variants of balloons include bunny balloons and heart balloons.


In Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+[edit]

In Animal Crossing, balloons are given out by Redd at the lake during the Fireworks Festival on July 4. Tom Nook will also give the player a free balloon in his store during a One Day Sale. In Doubutsu no Mori e+, Tom Nook sells balloons during One Day Sales in addition to the free one. Balloons can be held or placed as furniture, but they cannot be dropped, only "let go" which releases them into the sky. There are five colors of balloons and three colors of bunny balloons:

Balloons in Animal Crossing

In City Folk[edit]

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, balloons are obtained free of charge from Phineas in the city. The player can choose between balloons and bunny balloons, but the color is random. Bunny balloons cannot break when the player trips or is shot at with a slingshot by another player.[citation needed] There are eight colors of balloons: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, indigo, and pink.

Balloons in Animal Crossing: City Folk

In New Leaf[edit]

Holding a balloon in New Leaf

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, balloons are obtained from Happy Home Showcase players when visiting them via StreetPass. Regular balloons are obtained by StreetPassing the same player two or three times; bunny balloons for five times, and the new heart balloons for seven times. They come in the same colors as in City Folk.

In New Horizons[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, five of the balloons can be obtained as a prize from Redd's Raffle for  500 Bells, or found in Nook's Cranny outside of August for  600 Bells. The Nook Inc. balloon can only be obtained from NookLink. Unlike in previous games, there are no bunny balloons.

Balloons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

# Item Image Buy price Sell price Available from Durability Customizable
6 Blue balloon blue balloon  600 Bells  150 Bells  Nook's Cranny
 Redd's Raffle
Unlimited No
62 Green balloon green balloon  600 Bells  150 Bells  Nook's Cranny
 Redd's Raffle
Unlimited No
81 Nook Inc. balloon Nook Inc. balloon  30 Nook Points  210 Bells  NookLink
Unlimited No
96 Pink balloon pink balloon  600 Bells  150 Bells  Nook's Cranny
 Redd's Raffle
Unlimited No
107 Red balloon red balloon  600 Bells  150 Bells  Nook's Cranny
 Redd's Raffle
Unlimited No
144 Yellow balloon yellow balloon  600 Bells  150 Bells  Nook's Cranny
 Redd's Raffle
Unlimited No
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