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Aliases: Chubby Potato, Sir Potato Bottom maybe stupid names but it's too late to change them
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"Maybe I'll get around to it… if I can find the time."
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First things first: I care way too much about Animal Crossing music. I am currently creating soundtracks for games in the Animal Crossing series because the ones out there are inaccurate and incomplete. (Except the one for New Horizons, of course. Now New Leaf is done too!) If you've anything to say about AC music, you've come to the right place. So you'll probably see me working on something related to that, or e-Reader cards too.

I am also one of the people who works on the AC data spreadsheets; I'm interested in seeing the games broken down. So I have a little knowledge about that and am frequently adding relevant data from the games to the wiki.

Uh, also I'm a patroller here now. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! (Though that would be the case even if I wasn't.)

(By the way, if you're curious about my username, it comes from a nickname I had for my cat who was indeed a chubby bubby.)

My subpages

these are mainly just drafts, sandboxes, or other things I wanted to put somewhere:

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The menagerie of images

Serena SSBU.png

"The Virgin Serena"
Farley PG Model.png

"The Chad Farley"
Well Model DnM+ Model.png

"The Gigachad Town Shrine"
  • requires the player to sink the town's entire funds into a cosmetic decoration
  • self-absorbed and whiny, literal goddess complex
  • what does she even do as a goddess?
  • makes the player answer a confusing series of questions that don't even matter
  • whether you get a silver or golden axe is random, she might even steal your axe
  • rewards the player for working to better the nature of their town
  • humble and mysterious
  • fantastical yet trustworthy appearance
  • actively guides the player on how they can improve the town
  • >appears out of thin air
    >grants the golden axe
    >refuses to elaborate further
  • seemingly mundane fixture reveals its overlooked sacred origins and purpose
  • only appears in Japanese and Chinese versions of the game
  • apparently a sentient building?
  • magically yeets the golden axe at the player
  • has a cool model you can put in your house