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Wii U (logo).png
Wii U console and the controller.jpg
Available colors:
Manufacturer Nintendo
Type Home Console
Released North America/CANNovember 18, 2012
EU/AUSNovember 30, 2012
JPDecember 8, 2012
Media Wii U Optical Disc
Predecessor Wii
Successor None

The Wii U (ウィー・ユー, Wī Yū), also known by its codename Project Café, is a recently released gaming console developed by Nintendo.[1] It is a successor to the Wii and has a similar appearance and color scheme. The Wii U is part of the eighth generations of consoles, though will still compete alongside seventh generation consoles, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.[2] The systems main focus is different styles of playing. The controller has a 6 inch touch screen in the center, along with an analog stick on each side, a control pad, and the A, B, X, and Y buttons found on the Nintendo DS. There are also ZL, ZR, L, and R buttons. A microphone, speakers, and an inward-facing camera are also on the controller.

The Wii U was first thought of in 2008.[3] After discovering a lack of interest for hard-core gamers for the Wii, Nintendo started to work on a system that would appeal to both them and the casual gaming audiences.[3]

Games playable on the Wii U:

Game JP Release EG Release
NintendoLand 2012 2012
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 2014 2014
Animal Crossing Plaza 2013 2013

By backwards compatibility:

Game JP Release EG Release
Animal Crossing: City Folk 2008 2008



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