Animal Crossing: Sweet Day

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Animal Crossing: Sweet Day
Sweet Day logo.png
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Input methods Wii U GamePad

Animal Crossing: Sweet Day (Japanese: どうぶつの森 キャンディーまつり, Dōbutsu no Mori kyandī matsuri, lit. Animal Forest Candy Festival) is a minigame that is included in Nintendo Land for the Wii U, based upon the Animal Crossing series.

Up to four players may play the game using Wii Remotes held sideways, and they must run around a town collecting candies scattered across the town and in trees, while evading two guards being controlled by a player using a Wii U GamePad, or being controlled by CPU. The player using a Wii U GamePad can utilize both of the Wii U GamePad's control sticks to control both guards simultaneously. If the players using Wii Remotes can collect a certain number of candies before the time limit runs out, they will win. However, the more candies the player holds, the slower they can run, making the characters easier to catch for the guards. The Wii Remote users are able to drop candies at will in order to run faster. If a guard catches a Wii Remote user, that player will lose a large batch of candies. If there is only one Wii Remote player, the objective will be to collect sweets and drop them in dishes dotted around the map, rather than to just collect them.

This game however can play up to 6 players by having the Gamepad user share the controls with an extra player since it control two guards. Although it does not show six players for a selection nor choosing six Miis.

If enough sweets are collected, then the villagers will win, but if the villagers are caught enough times, the guards win. How many sweets required and how many times the guards have to catch the villagers are all dependent on how many players there are. The guards look like Booker and Copper.


  • Copper - The chaser (Right control stick & ZR Button)
  • Booker - The chaser (Left control stick & ZL Button)
  • Dizzy - Player 1
  • Peanut - Player 2
  • Lily - Player 3
  • Tangy - Player 4


Names in other languages[edit]

Russian Городок животных: праздник конфет
Gorodok zhivotnykh: prazdnik konfet
Town of the animals: candy holiday

Dutch Animal Crossing: snoepjesjacht Animal Crossing: candy hunt

German Animal Crossing: Ein süßer Tag Animal Crossing: A sweet Day

European Spanish Animal Crossing: Endulzando el día Animal Crossing: Sweetening the day

European French Animal Crossing: la fête des bonbons Animal Crossing: the candy party

Italian Animal Crossing: il giorno più dolce Animal Crossing: the sweetest day

Portuguese Animal Crossing: Caça aos Doces
Animal Crossing: Candy Hunting

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