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Aliases: RuthlessQT
Edit count 1,308 (682 in mainspace)
Gender Female
Service Patroller
Appearances Nookipedia, Discord, misc Wikis, Retro Spreadsheet project

Hello! I am one of the patrollers here at Nookipedia, and my job consists of patrolling edits to ensure that they are not destructive as well as properly formatted. You can also find me doing odds and ends around the site such as creating pages, editing images, and cleaning up:

Last seen doing:

Feel free to say hi! I don't bite, and I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have. You can also get in touch with me via our Nookipedia Discord server.

Non Wiki-Related Projects

I contribute to various other non-Wiki projects, which are only listed here so ya'll can know me a little better!

  • The Doe Network - Research & artistry
  • NaMus - Research & artistry
  • Reddit: r/estoration - Photo restorations & coloring

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