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"Every adventure starts with a single step."
— Phineas, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Welcome amiibo
SpecialSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Phineas fsl
Phineas NLa.png
Species Gender
Sea lion Male
Birthday June 20th Gemini
Role Balloons[nb 1]
Badges[nb 2]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese パロンチーノ
Korean 파론티노
Italian Elio
German Helios

Simplified Chinese 博陆恩
French Hélium
Spanish Elio
Dutch Phineas

Traditional Chinese 博陸恩
Quebec French Hélium
Latin American Spanish Elio
Russian Финеас

Phineas is a sea lion who appears in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, during the day in reasonable weather conditions (sunny or overcast/cloudy).

In City Folk, he can be found in the City. Phineas has white, bushy eyebrows and wears a white shirt, blue coat, orange vest, black trousers, and a tophat. He is a kind-hearted person who provides players with special hand-held items that cannot be acquired elsewhere, to spread fun and enjoyment. He has been known to appear in a player's city for days in a row, or not at all for weeks.

In New Leaf, he takes on a new role as a scout master, wearing a traditional beige scout uniform, complete with hat and neckerchief. He can be found wandering the town if the player has met certain milestones or accomplishments. To commemorate the achievements, he provides the player with badges to display on their TPC.


Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Phineas was introduced in City Folk, in which he will randomly appear in the City giving out free gifts, being a choice of either an easily poppable balloon, an indestructible Bunny Balloon, a pinwheel that spins while running, or a Bubble Wand, which can be used to blow bubbles.

The player can only receive one gift per day. The balloons, bunny balloons, and pinwheels come in a variety of colors, such as orange, blue, green, red, pink, yellow, and purple. Balloons will fly away if the player trips and falls or gets stung by bees. If a pinwheel is brought into the Town Hall when Phyllis is working, it will occasionally disappear from the player's pockets and she will be using it in the back of the room. While Phineas is present in the city, an extra baseline track will play alongside the traditional background music.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

Phineas returns in New Leaf as a scout master. Upon speaking to Phineas for the first time, he reveals that his new hobby is giving out badges to good children, reflecting his good will.

After the first conversation, the player can speak to Phineas to receive a new badge after meeting a badge requirement, which varies from species collection to number of Spotpass encounters. Each badge has a Bronze, Silver, and Gold achievement level. For example, the Bronze level of the Insect Maniac badge is awarded to players who have captured 50% of the bugs in the Bug Encyclopedia.

Phineas will leave once night falls or if the weather changes unfavorably.

Other appearances[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Phineas appears as a spectator in the Town and City stage, and as a collectible trophy.

Phineas SSB4 Trophy (Wii U).png #561 Phineas
NTSC-U: Phineas can sometimes be found by the fountain in the big city, usually on sunny days. He's a prize man who has fun things for everyone: round balloons, bunny balloons, spinning pinwheels, and bubble wands. So many great things! What does he ask for in return? Just a smile is all.

PAL: On sunny days near the fountain in the big city, you'll sometimes find a friendly fur seal called Phineas. He's also known as the prize man, and he's got fun things for everyone! He's got round balloons, bunny balloons, spinning pinwheels and bubble wands. How much, you ask? Why, all he wants in return is your smile.

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#304 Phineas - Series 4
Type: Special
Star sign: Gemini
Birthday: June 20th
Dice value: 3
Hand sign: Paper
304 Phineas amiibo card NA.png
303 Katrina List of amiibo cards
#304 Phineas
305 Celeste


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese パロンチーノ

Korean 파론티노

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
博陆恩 / 博陸恩
Bó Lùēn
From balloon

Russian Финеас

Dutch Phineas

German Helios From Helios, the god of sun in Greek mythology, or from ἥλιος hēlios, Ancient Greek for “sun”.

European Spanish Elio From Helios, the god of sun in Greek mythology, or from Helium, a chemical element, or from ἥλιος hēlios, Ancient Greek for “sun”.

European French Hélium Helium is one of the gases used to fill balloons.

Italian Elio From elio, "helium", one of the gases used to fill balloons.


  • Some cranky villagers believe that K.K. Slider's day job consists of being Phineas.
  • If the player gets closer to Phineas' cart, the music in the background will start to sound even cheerier, and if the player strays away from his cart, the music will go back to normal.
  • Phineas is never outside when it is raining.


  1. In City Folk only
  2. In New Leaf only