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"...Harv? Oh! You mean me!"
— Harvey, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Harvey NL.png
Species Gender
Dog Male
Service Campground owner
Birthday August 2nd
Star sign Leo Leo
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf (update)

Harvey (パニエル, Panieru) is a character in the Animal Crossing series. He first appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the Welcome amiibo update. Harvey is a dog who runs a campground where villagers who are summoned via amiibo cards will set up camp, allowing them to be invited to move into town by the player.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo[edit]

Harvey sits in the Campground sitting on a tree trunk holding a cup of coffee. He stays outside all day, and all night. When the player talks to him, the player has the following options:

  • What is this place?- Harvey explains what the campground is.
  • What can I do here- Harvey explains what the player can do.
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?- Harvey will scold about people being on their phones, but then will ask the player if they wish to invite characters from other locations to camp in the campgrounds.
  • Heya, harv!- Harvey rambles a little about pretty things that he has seen in the day. If he is feeding birds he will give the player bird seeds.


  • Harvey wears a different headband every day.
  • His English name, Harvey, is a pun on "RV" (short for "recreational vehicle"), which is the type of vehicle that shows up in his Campground.
  • Once the player has had Shampoodle built in their town, Harvey may mention that he has a crush on Harriet.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Fauno
French Joe French given name
German Harvey Same as English name
Italian Fiorilio
Portuguese Harvey The same as English name
Russian Харви Kharvi Transcription of English name