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Artwork of Beppe
Species Gender
Bird Male
Birthday July 18th Cancer
Role OK Motors (Camper Customization)
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Beppe is a bird introduced in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. He is one of the three proprietors of OK Motors, a camper customization store, along with Giovanni and Carlo. He has a voice much higher in pitch in comparison to Giovanni and Carlo.

The three proprietors of OK Motors have Italian given names which also double as puns related to motor vehicles. Beppe's name likely derives from "beep," the sound made from a motor vehicle's horn.



Like Giovanni and Carlo, Beppe is a black bird. He has a big head shaped like a long oval, small gray eyebrows, big round eyes with small black pupils, and a tuft of hair sticking out on top of his head. His beak and legs are yellow, and his nose is part of his beak's upper part. He wears a pair of goggles. He is taller than Giovanni and Carlo.


Beppe is a true whiz at whipping up outrageous new paint jobs for campers, but can also sometimes get carried away when working on the campers' engines.


In Pocket Camp[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Beppe specializes in painting campers and is described as a painting prodigy by Giovanni. Carlo describes him as knowledgeable about cars, but weaker in other areas.



  • Beppe shares his birthday with Croque.
  • The three proprietors' Japanese names (Kyantarō, Pin-chan, and Gū-san) can be read Kyan-Pin-Gu, "camping."

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ピンちゃん

Korean 핑군

Traditional Chinese 車仔

German Schorsch -

European Spanish Grajardo From Graja/Grajo (rook bird) and the name Eduardo

European French Choucac A name for a jackdaw

Italian Amper From camper

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