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For the villager whose Japanese name is Leila, see Flo.
"Yay! A new fwiend is here to pway wiff me! Let's pway supermarket! I'll be the customer, so bwing me someffing to buy, otay?"
— Leila, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
SpecialSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Leila kps
Artwork of Leila
Species Gender
Turtle Female
Birthday August 16th Leo
Favorite saying "The pirate kid doesn't fall far from the pirate tree."
Role Buys items for a cheap price on Tortimer Island
Main appearances

Other appearances
Name in other languages

Leila is a young turtle[nb 1] in Animal Crossing: New Leaf who appears on Tortimer Island. She is the daughter of Kapp'n and Leilani, and the granddaughter of Grams. Reflecting her young age, she often substitutes L's and R's with W's when speaking.



Artwork of Leila from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Leila is a green turtle/kappa with a bald spot surrounded by brown hair tied in a pair of short ponytails, a big yellow muzzle, a red inner mouth, and pink cheeks, being the youngest in her family. Like her father, Kapp'n, and grandmother, Grams, she has closed eyes with white round rims. She wears a pair of yellow flower hairpins on her ponytails, and a pink sleeveless dress with white flower patterns with pinkish-red linings.


Like her family, Leila speaks with a stereotypical pirate-like accent.


In New Leaf[edit]

Leila after the player sells her an item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Leila appears on Tortimer Island and, if spoken to, will ask the player to play "supermarket." The player can sell items obtained on the island to Leila for 5% of their full value. In the Welcome amiibo update, Leila's Pic can be obtained from Wisp if her amiibo is scanned.

In New Horizons[edit]

Leila's poster in New Horizons.

Leila was added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons upon the release of the 2.0 update on November 4, 2021. In this game, she can appear at the Roost as a visitor. She can also appear with Kapp'n's family if any of their amiibo cards are used. Additionally, Leila's poster can be obtained from Nook Shopping after inviting her to Photopia via her amiibo.

Other appearances[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Leila appears as a trophy and has a chance of appearing in the background of the Tortimer Island stage.




Description NTSC-U: A young lady turtle who plays at running a shop. She's still learning and will buy almost anything from the island. Her prices are much lower than the recycling shop, and her parents hope that the smiling faces of customers will ease her loneliness. Her dad is Kapp'n, and her mom is Leilani.

PAL: Leila just loves to play supermarket. You can even play along and sell her things you got on the island - except the tools you've borrowed, of course! She can't afford to pay as much as Re-Tail, but she gets lonely playing by herself, so her parents, Kapp'n and Leilani, try to encourage her active imagination.
Acquisition Random

Villager information[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]

The pirate kid doesn't fall far from the pirate tree.


Birthday Gender Species
August 16 Leo Female Turtle
Pic version added Welcome amiibo update
Coffee preferences
Leila does not order coffee at The Roost.

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Leila will share a house with Kapp'n, Leilani, and Grams.

The pirate kid doesn't fall far from the pirate tree.

Leila's Happy Home Designer icon

Example of Leila's Happy Home Designer house
Official example
Birthday Gender Species
August 16 Leo Female Turtle
Umbrella Daisy Umbrella HHD Icon.png Daisy umbrella
Shares house with Kapp'n, Leilani, and Grams
House request
Client's vision I'll leave it up to you!
Favorite song  Go K.K. Rider
Unlocked items
  •  Sand castle
  •  Go K.K. Rider
  •  Leila's pic
  • Clothing:
  •  Kappa costume
  •  Daisy umbrella
  • Starting house: Default exterior of Leila's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    In New Horizons[edit]

    The pirate kid doesn't fall far from the pirate tree.


    Birthday Gender Species
    August 16 Leo Female Turtle
    Initial NookPhone  Default Phone Case (Pink) NH Model.png  Pink
    Final NookPhone  Phone Case (Retro - Fabric 3) NH Model.png  Retro - Fabric 3
    Happy Home Paradise traits
    Umbrella Bear Umbrella NH Icon.png Bear umbrella
    Hobby Fitness
    Book Fitness Book NH Icon.png Sports

    In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

    In Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, Leila will share a house with Kapp'n, Leilani, and Grams.

    Client's vision Vacation-Home Concept
    Shares house with Kapp'n, Leilani, and Grams
    Unlocked items

    Card profiles[edit]

    amiibo card[edit]

    110 Leila amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo Card Back.png

    #110 Leila - Series 2
    Star sign: Leo
    Birthday: August 16
    Dice value: 5
    Hand sign: Paper



    Names in other languages[edit]

    Japanese クク

    Korean 꼬미
    A kid

    Simplified Chinese 沽沽
    Gū Gū
    Transliteration of Japanese name

    Traditional Chinese 沽沽

    Russian Лейла
    Same as English name

    Dutch Leila Same as English name

    German Lotte -

    European Spanish Conchita "Little shell" or diminutive of the name "Concepción"

    European French Lila Lilac

    Italian Romina Similar to her father's name, Remo, which means "oar"


    1. In Japanese releases, Leila is instead a kappa.