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"You got a home, right? You want to make it happy, right? Sweet deal. Bang. We gotcha covered. We come by. We look around. We tell you how the inside of your home stacks up. Good. Bad. Whatever. Go. It's all very clandestine. Secret. Sneaky. Bang! You'll never even know my crew stopped by."
— Lyle, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Artwork of Lyle
Species Gender
Otter Male
Birthday June 6th Gemini
Favorite saying "The good, the bad, the so-so... Make all of it work for you."
Role Insurance[nb 1]
Happy Home Academy[nb 2]
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Other appearances
Name in other languages

Lyle is an otter in the Animal Crossing series introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World. In Wild World, he is a salesman who sells insurance to the player and is heavily implied to be a con artist running a scam. In subsequent games, he works in real estate, being the chairman of the Happy Room Academy in Animal Crossing: City Folk and an employee of Nook's Homes in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Lyle's name may be derived from lie, reflecting his job in Wild World.



Lyle is a blue otter with a cream muzzle, four large whiskers, and dark blue hair. He wears black thick-rimmed glasses. In Wild World, he wears a tan jacket with a blue shirt and red tie, and he carries a black briefcase. In City Folk onward, he wears a red jacket with a white shirt and yellow tie.


Lyle is characterized as an energetic salesman, speaking in short, quick sentences and often asking the player several sequential questions. He refers to himself in the third person and frequently interjects with "bang" and uses the phrase "bust my chops." In Wild World, he is also characterized as a con artist, pushing the player to buy his dubious insurance. He is easily upset and often asks about Crazy Redd and if the player has seen him.


In New Leaf, Lyle mentions that he used to change jobs frequently, but he settled on his career in real estate to not put stress on his family. Dialog from City Folk and New Leaf, paired with his job in Wild World, suggests that he made a career as a con artist before moving to a legitimate job in real estate.

In City Folk, if the player has many fossils in a room, he says, "Fossils creep Lyle out. He used to dig 'em up. In the yard. Not the backyard. The other yard. Forget it," suggesting that he once worked in a graveyard.



Lyle has a wife and two daughters. He is also Lottie's uncle.


In Wild World, it is implied that Lyle works with Redd in scamming people, with Redd selling forgeries and Lyle having the player set the day Redd visits and selling insurance for forgeries. When asked, Lyle downplays his relationship with Redd, saying "we just know each other from around."


In Wild World[edit]

Lyle telling the player they need insurance in Animal Crossing: Wild World

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Lyle appears outside the player's house every Saturday. He tells the player his company is doing research and has them fill out a questionnaire. He first asks the player which day of the week, Monday through Friday, they want Redd to visit town on. Lyle then asks a series of questions, and regardless of the player's responses, he comes to the conclusion that they need insurance, which he sells.

Initially, Lyle sells accident insurance for 3,000 Bells. If the player purchases it, Lyle will send them 100 Bells each time they trip or get stung by bees, up to once per day. The next week, Lyle asks the same questions and tells the player they need damage insurance. If the player purchases it for 6,000 Bells, Lyle will send the player 100 Bells each time they bring him a forged painting, up to once per day.

If the player has purchased both types of insurance, Lyle still appears on Saturdays and allows the player to change the day of the week Redd appears on. Lyle can also appear at The Roost from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM on Sundays.

Normal villagers sometimes warn of a health insurance scam operating in the area, which is a reference to Lyle and his scamming techniques. Some jock villagers also say the same thing—how someone came and asked them if they wanted their muscles insured. At first they said no, because "whoever's heard of insuring your muscles?" and that another villager told them it was a scam. If the player speaks to Blathers on the fourth Sunday of May, he tells them how Lyle tried to sell his insurance to him in the museum. The villagers will also constantly mention how Blathers seems flustered and not his usual self.

In City Folk[edit]

Lyle in Animal Crossing: City Folk

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Lyle works as the chairman of the Happy Room Academy, appearing in its headquarters in the city. The player must speak to him to join the HRA. After the player has joined, Lyle can evaluate their house at any time and tell them their score. Additionally, the player can speak to him to stop receiving evaluation letters from the HRA.

In New Leaf[edit]

Lyle in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Lyle returns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He appears in Nook's Homes after certain conditions have been met and runs the Happy Home Academy, the successor of the Happy Room Academy seen in previous titles. His office is in the bottom left of the store, where a seating area was previously. Similar to Animal Crossing: City Folk, Lyle gives the player their HHA evaluation. However, he no longer presents model rooms, a job now done by Digby.

Beginning the Welcome amiibo update, Lyle's pic can be obtained from Wisp after Lyle's amiibo card is scanned.

In New Horizons[edit]

Lyle's poster in New Horizons

While initially absent from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Lyle makes his return in the 2.0 update, where he can be invited to The Roost or Harv's Island via his amiibo, the latter of which will also allow the player to obtain Lyle's poster from Nook Shopping. When summoned at The Roost, he will also bring Lottie, Tom Nook, and Digby.

In Happy Home Paradise, when Lyle's vacation home is completed, Lottie sends the player Lyle's photo.

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Lyle appears on the second floor of Nook's Homes, as a senior designer. He gives the player tips for designing when spoken to, but he seems forgetful, as Lyle constantly asks the player if he has already told them about the tip provided, and appears quite pleased if it's not the case.

In Pocket Camp[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Lyle is one of the judges at the Happy Homeroom.

In Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori[edit]

Lyle and Dr. Shrunk in Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori

Lyle makes a cameo in 🎬 Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori, sitting next to Dr. Shrunk in the audience at the Fireworks Festival.

Other appearances[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Lyle has a chance of appearing as a spectator in the Smashville stage. He also appears as a collectible sticker.



Effect Fighters
[Weapon] Attack +11 All fighters

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Lyle once again has a chance of appearing as a spectator in the Smashville and Town and City stages. He also appears as a collectible trophy.




Description NTSC-U: Lyle has filled a lot of roles over the years, but in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he's taken on management of the Happy Home Academy. Drop by to chat, or ask and he'll tell you how the HHA ranks your home. This is a new kind of job for Lyle... You could say he's turned a new leaf!

PAL: Lyle has played a few roles over the years, and in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he's in charge of the Happy Home Academy. Feel free to drop by for a chat or to ask him how the HHA ranks your home. Lyle wasn't a big fan of this kind of work in the past, but he really seems to enjoy it this time. You could say he's turned over a new leaf!
Acquisition Random

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]




Category Class Slot cost
Support Spirit Novice (★) 1 (⬢)
Ability Green Shell Equipped
  • Battle via Spirit Board
  • Purchase from the Vault Shop for 500G
  • Battle information
    Enemy fighter Blue King Dedede
    Type Attack
    Power 1,700
    Stage Smashville
  • Defense ↑
  • Attack Power ↑
  • Conditions
  • The enemy has increased attack power when the enemy's at high damage
  • The enemy has increased defense when the enemy's at high damage
  • Music Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store - Animal Crossing: Wild World

    Villager information[edit]

    In New Leaf[edit]

    The good, the bad, the so-so... Make all of it work for you.


    Birthday Gender Species
    June 6 Gemini Male Otter
    Pic version added Welcome amiibo update
    Coffee preferences
    Lyle does not order coffee at The Roost.

    In Happy Home Designer[edit]

    The good, the bad, the so-so... Make all of it work for you.

    Lyle's Happy Home Designer icon

    Example of Lyle's Happy Home Designer house
    Official example
    Birthday Gender Species
    June 6 Gemini Male Otter
    Umbrella Bat Umbrella HHD Icon.png Bat umbrella
    House request
    Client's vision I'll leave it up to you!
    Favorite song  K.K. Tango
    Unlocked items
  •  Gold HHA plaque
  •  Gold house model
  •  K.K. Tango
  •  Lyle's pic
  • Starting house: Default exterior of Lyle's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    In New Horizons[edit]

    The good, the bad, the so-so... Make all of it work for you.


    Birthday Gender Species
    June 6 Gemini Male Otter
    NookPhone  Default Phone Case (Red) NH Model.png  Red
    Happy Home Paradise traits
    Umbrella Patterned Vinyl Umbrella NH Icon.png Patterned vinyl umbrella
    Hobby Fashion
    Book Fashion Book NH Icon.png Fashion

    In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

    Client's vision Vacation-Home Concept
    Unlocked items

    Card profiles[edit]

    amiibo card[edit]

    016 Lyle amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo Card Back.png

    #016 Lyle - Series 1
    Star sign: Gemini
    Birthday: June 6
    Dice value: 5
    Hand sign: Paper



    • Lyle may be based on a kawauso (), a magical river otter in Japanese folklore that enjoys playing tricks on humans. Kawauso are similar to kitsune and tanuki, hence Lyle's connections to Redd and Tom Nook. This doubles as a play on words, since uso is the Japanese word for "lie."
    • Lyle shares his birthday with Raddle.

    Names in other languages[edit]

    Japanese ホンマさん
    Mr. Honma; from 本真 (honma), meaning "truth" or "reality." Likely ironic, given his insurance scam.

    Korean 안심해씨
    From "안심해 (Please be safe)" and "~씨 (Mr. ~)"

    Simplified Chinese 阿本先生
    Ā Běn Xiān shēng
    From 書本 shūběn (book) and 先生 xiānshēng (Mr.)

    Traditional Chinese 阿本先生

    Russian Лайл
    Same as his English name

    Dutch Lyle -

    German Fred -

    European Spanish Sisebuto From "sisar," meaning "to steal"

    European French Lionel Similar to English name

    Italian Frodolo From "frode" (Italian for "fraud")


    1. In Wild World only
    2. In City Folk and New Leaf