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Species Gender
Human Female
Role Protagonist
Voice actor Yui Horie

Ai (あい) is the main character in Doubutsu no Mori (film), representing the player from the Animal Crossing series. Voiced by Yui Horie, she moves to Animal Village where she is put to work by Tom Nook, as in the early Animal Crossing games. Ai has high red pigtails and large, anime-styled eyes that each have one small black eyelash.


Ai is a sweet and kind-hearted young girl. She is determined, searching for her, "cherry pie" throughout the movie. Her best friends are Margie, Rosie, and Yu. She is afraid of spiders as shown in one scene where a spider lands on her face. Ai is also supportive of Margie and her dream to become a fashion designer.



  • In Japanese and Chinese, "Ai" means "Love."
    • When Ai and Yu's names in Japanese are put together, it says "Evening Love."
  • Yu and Ai's names might be a pun on "you" and "I."
  • Ai wears a yellow bolero at the beginning of the movie, an outfit possible for the player to start Wild World with. She later is amazed at the cute clothes in the Able Sisters' shop, where she meets Sally (Margie), and changes into other clothes, such as a swimsuit and even a kimono designed by her friend.
  • In the beginning of the movie, Ai's suitcase was carried by hand. Later, it was rolling on wheels.

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