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"Hi, my name's Yū. I come from the nearby town, but I like to play here a lot."
— Yū, 🎬 Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori
Yu GDnM Artwork.png
Artwork of Yū
Species Gender
Human Male
Role Supporting character
Voice actor Yū Kobayashi

(ゆう, ) is one of the main characters in 🎬 Gekijōban Doubutsu no Mori, being the only male human. He appears to be a reference to how in the Animal Crossing series games, a player can connect through Wi-Fi, so players from other towns can come visit their town. He does not live in Animal Village, but visits often, as he loves to play with Alfonso by competing for collectibles such as fossils and bugs.



Yū is a human boy who wears many different outfits. Throughout the film, he dresses as a ninja, a pirate, in a disguise with a wig and Groucho glasses, and as a snow bunny. When Yū is not wearing a hat, his brown hair features a small strand of spiky hair. He has large, anime-styled eyes that each have one small brown eyelash. He does not have a red triangle nose as with many players in the Animal Crossing series, but instead has a small, round nose.


Yū is lively and spirited, participating in various activities around town, such as catching bugs, digging for fossils, and trapping various people in pitfall traps. He acts spontaneously, as he tends to run off without warning. He recklessly attempts to rush into a crumbling cave, and later he climbs along the walls of a frozen cave, despite being warned against it. He cares about others, as shown when he takes initiative to help rescue stranded Gulliver by collecting one of his missing U.F.O. parts.


Yū first appears doing a bug catching contest with Alfonso when Ai is on her way to deliver a package during her part-time job. When a bug crawls on to Ai, Yū catches the bug on Ai and thanks her, giving her another bug in return. Ai, freaked out by the bug Yū gave him, screams in fright.

Later, Yū and Alfonso are seen digging for fossils, but they are interrupted when Resetti pops out of the ground and lectures the two of them for destroying his tunnel. After Rosie alerts them about a fossil in the cave, Yū and Alfonso unsuccessfully attempt to dig up a Seismosaurus fossil, and they are forced to leave the cave when it starts to collapse.

Shortly after Margie moves away, Ai ends up falling down into one of Yū and Alfonso's pitfalls. Yū and Alfonso laugh, but Ai, still depressed, gets herself out of the pitfall and walks away, leaving Yū and Alfonso surprised. A few months later, Yū and the other Animal Village citizens encounter a U.F.O, which had crashed during the Miracle Festival. Following a plead by Gulliver to get his U.F.O fixed, Yū and the others search around the town for the lost pieces of the U.F.O. With help from Margie, who had moved back in temporarily, the group manages to return to the cave where Yū and Alfonso unsuccessfully attempted to take the Seismosaurus fossil. From there, Yū successfully manages to obtain a piece for the U.F.O. from the top of the fossil. However, his bunny mask falls off, leaving Ai and her friends to remark on seeing his actual face for the first time. The group then returns their U.F.O part to Gulliver, which turns out to be a smaller UFO-like alien that flies off into the sky to return to the other UFOs.



  • Yū and Ai's names may be a pun on the English words "you and I."

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