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Town Hall
The Town Hall during the Harvest Festival
The Town Hall during a fireworks show
Service Civic Center and Post Office
Services Recycle bin
Opening hours All day
Appearances Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Town Hall is a location in Animal Crossing: Wild World, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, serving as the building where most of the town's civic duties are carried out. It is here that players can deliver letters and recycle unwanted items - as well as where Tortimer (the town mayor) can be found during certain events, usually standing outside of the structure. The Town Hall replaces the Wishing Well, Dump, and Post Office from Animal Crossing. It supersedes the Wishing Well by acting as the venue for the town's many affairs, including most, if not all, festivities. In addition, outside of and directly to the left of the structure is a bulletin board on which players can post messages and read those written by the various businesses in the town, special characters, and other villagers; at the beginning of Wild World, when driven to their new place of residence by Kapp'n in his black cab, the player is dropped off just outside the town hall - at the plaza in front of the structure.

Civic Center and Post Office[edit]

The main area of the Town Hall has a counter that divides the building in to two parts. Anywhere behind the counter is inaccessible to the player, and contains bookcases, mail sacks and the mayor's desk, where Tortimer can be found sleeping. Pelly and Phyllis also work behind the counter. There are two sections to the front desk - the Civic Center and the Post Office. Each counter has very specific functions.

Civic Center.gif
Civic Center

  • Environment- The player can hear the opinions of the townsfolk in regard to the environment of the town.
  • Town Tune- The town tune can be edited from here.
  • Town Fund (City Folk)- Money can be donated to aid the town.
  • Donation (Wild World)- Money can be donated to the town of Boondox in exchange for feathers.
  • Problem (City Folk & New Leaf)- Problems regarding villagers and accessing the player's house are reported.
  • Moving (Wild World)- Players can be transferred from one town to another.

Post Office.gif
Post Office

  • Pay mortgage (Wild World)- The player can pay in Bells towards their mortgage.
  • Withdraw (Wild World)- A player can withdraw money from their account.
  • Deposit (Wild World)- A player can deposit money into their account.
  • Save mail- Saves selected mail, which can be accessed at any time.
  • Save notes in bottles (Wild World)- Save selected notes in bottles that can be accessed at any time.
  • Send letter- Post a letter to a fellow villager.

The recycling bin[edit]

The recycling bin is one of the surprisingly useful things in the town, and has the same function as the dump in Animal Crossing for the Gamecube. The player can leave any unwanted items here to be taken away at 6am every Monday and Thursday. This can be useful for any items which cannot be sold to Tom Nook, however if the Town Hall is quite a bit further away, the player can just choose to sell them for no extra Bells.

The most useful thing the recycling bin can be used for is collecting rare pieces of furniture, or other items. Sometimes, a rare item may appear, which is likely being disposed of by another villager. These items are usually ones that do not appear in the store often, and can be taken by the player to use at no charge whatsoever. Beware though, as if these items are left past 6am on the collection days, they will disappear forever.

It is also amusing to note that if the player sends another villager an item through mail, it may appear in the recycling bin later, or another item may disappear from their house to replace said item and appear in the recycling bin. This usually happens if the item is one a villager cannot have more than one of, like wallpaper or a stereo.

Automatic Bell Dispenser[edit]

The Automatic Bell Dispenser allows players to deposit or withdraw Bells, and to pay their mortgage. The bell dispenser was absent in Animal Crossing: Wild World and was replaced by Pelly, who also controls your banking account and mortgage payment.

The Bulletin Board[edit]

Main article: Bulletin Board
The Bulletin Board in City Folk.
The Bulletin Board is a message board outside of the hall, where messages can appear every day. The player can also post their own messages, and is where Tom Nook sends the player to post how "cool" his store is as a job at the start of the game.



The music in the town hall will change depending on who is serving the player. Pelly's theme is a cheery, bouncy song with a fast whistling melody. Phyllis' contains a very droll, onbeat chord sequence with a very pitchy guitar melody. Both songs give a good idea of each clerk's personality. Smashville in the hit game Super Smash Bros Brawl has the town hall's music (along with Tom Nook's theme) play in the background. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Isabelle's theme played when loading the game is remixed for Town Hall.


  • In Animal Crossing: City Folk if a player is imported from Animal Crossing: Wild World, Tortimer will remember meeting them outside the town hall rather than in it, as occurs in Wild World. Pelly or Phyllis will mention the player is in fact a new resident, and Tortimer will dismiss it as déjà vu instead.
  • A cranky villager will talk about donating Bells and hearing Tortimer say that he is going out tonight.

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