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The recycle box in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
Recycling WW Icon.png

The recycle box appears inside the Town Hall in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, serving as place for players to discard and receive unwanted items. It replaces the dump from the original Animal Crossing. It can hold 15 items in Animal Crossing: Wild World, but this was reduced to 12 items in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Every Monday and Thursday at 6 AM, the recycle box is emptied.

The recycle box returns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as a Public works project suggested by Normal villagers. However, it has been renamed the garbage can and resembles the trash bin furniture item. It costs 53,000 Bells to build and has an infinite capacity, but it will reduce the Environment Rating somewhat.

In New Horizons, the recycle box is located in Resident Services and its purpose is redefined. Since Nook's Cranny now pays for weeds and garbage instead of charging a disposal fee, its discarding function has been removed, instead functioning like Lost Property in older games. It will contain items that other villagers are looking to recycle—items like cardboard boxes, building materials, and occasionally furniture although it is more likely to be found when a villager has moved out and had that particular item in their house. Rusted parts will appear here the day after the player helps Gulliver or Gullivarrr, and any items called to be cleaned up during construction will also be found here. The garbage can item from New Leaf also returns, and can be used to dispose of unwanted items that the player does not want to sell.

Uses and characteristics[edit]

The recycle box holds the various items that the player and their neighbors have discarded. The player can take any of the items that they wish to take out of the recycle box, similar to lost and found. The recycle box holds a large variety of items, including furniture, clothes, accessories, and Gyroids. On rare occasions, a player can find a Throne (piece of furniture) in the recycle box. The Throne is the third most expensive item in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Tom Nook will buy it off the player for 200,000 Bells.

It should be noted that the box can only hold 5 rows or 50 items at a time. There is a grace of about 10 items that will not show up until the player takes items out and then reopens the box. Any items that exceed that amount will automatically be deleted.