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A player talking with Frobert

Conversations are a gameplay element in the Animal Crossing series. By pressing the 'A' button while facing a villager, a conversation will begin. They will usually open with some banter about the time of day or how they are feeling. From there, the player can select from one of two options (three, if the player has recently talked to a villager and the villager has talked about something they want or challenged the player to a certain contest. A third option asking for errands was available in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing). If an option asking for conversation is picked, i.e. "Talk to me" or "I'm bored", the villager will either provide a quick comment, ask about a certain article of clothing, or ask a question where the player can answer from several choices or a sliding bar. Errands will sometimes be asked for randomly when talking to villagers. These can be anything from starting an errand for the villager or being involved in a pop quiz about something completely random.

If the villager rushes towards the player with a '!' mark, they want to ask the player a specific question, comment, or errand. A villager may want to trade, buy, sell, or give an item to the player. Sometimes, in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, regardless of the player's relationship with the villager, the villager may ask about leaving town, where the player can allow or decline. While declining always prevents the villager from leaving, the villager may decline to leave even if the player allows it.

Animals talking to each other[edit]

Conversations can also occur between two animals when they are facing each other. While villagers have conversations in Animal Crossing, the player cannot listen to them. In Doubutsu no Mori e+ and subsequent games, it is possible to listen to these conversations, and occasionally, the player will participate. The animals' emotion can change after a conversation with another animal, so sometimes, they leave sad, angry, happy, or unaffected. Depending on the two villagers' personality, the conversation will be different. For example, a snooty and a lazy villager have a more likely chance to get into a conflict than a peppy and a jock villager. In New Horizons, a way to tell if two villagers will begin to conversate is if one of the villagers is continuously staring at a nearby villager while both are standing, walking or doing an action that involves standing or walking. And the villager that's staring at the other villager waves to the villager, causing one of the villagers to run or walk towards the other.

Unlike conversations between a villager and the player, conversations between villagers cannot be sped up by holding a button.


  • Peppy Villager: My favorite dinner is a hamburger and Mocha Java combo! What do you like, <Snooty Villager>? Eh, <catchphrase>?
  • Snooty Villager: Me?! How could you even think that I EVER eat junk food like that! But, if I had to choose... I'd get the Milkshake and Mango Cream combo! So...good...
  • Peppy Villager: Uhh, I don't see the difference, <catchphrase>. Hey, <player>! You like junk food, right?
  • What the player can respond: "So tasty" or, "So nasty"
  • (after responding "So tasty")
  • Peppy Villager: I knew it! But since YOU like it, I'm not into it anymore. Junk food is so played out now that other people like it... I can't like anything other people are into.
  • Snooty Villager: Yeah. I kinda know what you mean...<catchphrase>
  • Both of the villagers will walk off unaffected.
  • (after responding "So nasty")
  • Peppy Villager: Really? I didn't know you were so health conscious!
  • Snooty Villager: Wait a minute! If that's true, then why are your hands so greasy? You always eat greasy, fried foods, don't you?! You can't hide it... Your greasy hands gave it away!
  • Peppy Villager: I know... It's so obvious when <player> is lying!
  • Both of the villagers will walk off unaffected.