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Leilani, tour registrant

Tours are mini-games hosted by Tortimer on Tortimer Island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. There are a variety of tours, which can be played by up to four players at a time. By winning tours, the player can earn medals that can be used to buy objects at the Island Shop. Players may not bring items to the tour or else they will be penalized by paying some bells, but the player automatically equips any tool required to complete the tour. Lloid is also present to allow the player to borrow any additional tools. If players grab flowers and other items and keep them after the tour ends (depending on the tour), they keep the items. This is notable as it allows the player to catch fish and bugs which are otherwise out-of-season and not available on either the village or the island.

To go on a tour, the player must first talk to Leilani, who will give the player a list of tours to choose from. Not all tours are available initially, and even after more tours are unlocked, there is a set list of tours that changes every day.

List of tours[edit]

Balloon Hunt[edit]

Main article: Balloon Hunt

Players try to shoot down as many balloons as they can with their slingshot. There are two types of balloons, round and bunny. Round balloons are worth 1 point, while bunny balloons are worth 3. On higher difficulties, obstacles such as pitfalls and trees will appear.

On the bottom screen of the 3DS, the direction of the wind will be indicated, telling the player which direction the balloons will fly in.

Bug Catching[edit]

Players catch either as many insects as possible, or specific types of insects.


Players catch either as many fish as possible, or specific types of fish.

Fossil Finding[edit]

Two houses appear on the island: one filled with fossils, and the other, empty. Players dig up fossils around the island using a shovel, then place the fossils in the empty house to match the placement of fossils in the furnished one.


Main article: Gardening Tour

Players are given a list of flowers to find, pick up, and plant in a square near Tortimer. The game runs until the entire square is filled.

Gem-Finding Tour[edit]

Players use their shovels to break open as many rocks as they can in order to find gems. Ores are normally worth 1 point, but a type of gem can be worth 3 points, as dictated by Tortimer. In the more difficult games, Tortimer announces that there is a type or ore worth 10 points, but only 1 or 2 are found in the map.

Hammer Time[edit]

Players chase a Cornimer robot toy and try to hit it with a Toy Hammer as many times as possible before time runs out. More difficult games have rocks in the way.

Hide and Seek[edit]

Main article: Hide and Seek Tour

Players try to locate four villagers that are hiding behind buildings, trees, and other objects as quickly as possible.

Item Matching Tour[edit]

Main article: Item Matching

Pairs of items are buried in the ground. Players dig up an item, then have to dig up the matching item. digging up matching items results in the items being removed from the ground; otherwise, they are buried again.

Labyrinth Tour[edit]

Main article: Labyrinth Tour

Players search for specific types of fruit in a maze made up of bushes.

Scavenger Hunt[edit]

Main article: Scavenger Hunt

Players are given a list of furniture that need to be found and picked up in the various cottages around the Island.

Shell Finding[edit]

Players swim in the ocean, searching for shells. Other objects and creatures, such as urchins, may also be uncovered, which have no value.