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Resetti breaking the fourth wall in Animal Crossing

Breaking the fourth wall in video games is a term used when a character in a states or implies that they know that they are in a video game.

Instances of fourth-wall breaking[edit]

Note: Instances of the player talking to themself (e.g. catch quotes) are not recorded here.

In Animal Crossing[edit]

  • Resetti breaks the fourth wall on several occasions during his dialogue by mentioning resetting the game. Other examples include:
  • Anyway, let me just say thanks for buying this game, Animal Crossing. Um...on behalf of everyone at Nintendo, What was the next part?"
  • Forget about other games for a minute, will ya? I'm here to suggest that you try and play THIS game, Animal Crossing, without hitting RESET. Got it? I know what you're thinking: "Whether I hit RESET or not should be up to me. After all, it's MY Nintendo GameCube! Well, sorry. Rules are rules, OK?"
  • On the player's seventh reset, Resetti pretends to delete the player's save data, making the screen go dark for a few seconds. When the screen returns, he says, "Gotcha! How you like them apples? Did we break our controller? Did we, maybe, kick our TV?"
  • On the player's eighth reset, Resetti turns to the camera and speaks to the player directly, saying, "Whoa! ......I never noticed before, but you got some nice eyes. Yeah, real hypnotic..."
  • When talking to Tortimer on Sale Day, he references the official Animal Crossing website, saying, "Oh, I buy all my presents online! It's quite convenient! I just go to It's terrific!"
  • Villagers may reference the Game Boy Advance's compatibility with Animal Crossing, telling the player that they heard a rumor about a boat appearing when the handheld is connected to the Nintendo GameCube and saying they wish they had a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable.
  • When creating a save file, K.K. Slider tells the player they will enjoy the game more if they get friends to play too.

In Wild World[edit]

In City Folk[edit]

  • In City Folk, villagers break the fourth wall by giving the player advice about tools, looking up to the sky, and taking pictures.

In New Leaf[edit]

In New Horizons[edit]

  • In New Horizons, lazy villagers may mention to the player a rumor that everyone is just in a game for someone's entertainment, referring to things such as how fast trees grow, music playing everywhere, and the generous house payments. The villager then tells the player (who reacts to the rumor without player input) they were joking, having instead got the idea from eating a lot before going to bed.

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