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Dr. Shrunk's petition

Petitions are a game mechanic in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that require the player to gather signatures by talking to different villagers. One petition is given to fill out by Dr. Shrunk, while others may be handed out by different villagers living in town. If the deadline for a villager's petition has passed, the player has the option to throw the petition sheet after talking to the villager as it becomes a junk item.

Dr. Shrunk's Petition[edit]

After the mayor character has achieved 100% approval rating and unlocked T&T Mart, Dr. Shrunk will appear at their door asking for permission to open a live venue on Main Street. He will hand the player a petition form, which the player has to take to six different villagers living in town to sign. After the petition is filled and returned to Dr. Shrunk, Club LOL will open in the next five days. If the player rejects Dr. Shrunk's petition, they can get it from Isabelle later by selecting Club LOL from the list of Public Works Projects.

Villager Petitions[edit]

Various villagers may also hand a player character a petition to fill out. But unlike Dr. Shrunk's, theirs will require signatures from the villagers of other towns, meaning the player has to travel to fill them out. Also unlike Dr. Shrunk's, villagers' petitions have no impact on the game if completed other than a personal reward for the player. If the player manages to collect six signatures from out of town by the end of the day and return it, the villager will thank them and give them some form of reward, which is sometimes the villager's picture. If not, the villager will tell them the next day that they'd already submitted the signatures they already had.

List of petitions[edit]

Among petitions the player may receive from villagers are the following:

Normal Peppy Snooty Big sister
  • Read 100 Books a Year
  • Bells for Basket Weavers
  • An Official Town Bookmark
  • Bring Back Fake TV
  • Spider-Relocation Service
  • Go Nuts for Nuts
  • Wear More Hats
  • Scamper to Victory
  • Fondue for Everyone
  • More Rainy Days in <Town>
  • Garden Gnomes Have Rights
  • Knit Sweaters for Trees
  • Ban Bubble Gum on Benches
  • No More Prying Paparazzi
  • Why? Because I Said So
  • Mandatory Morning Muffins
  • More-Fun Mondays
  • National Karaoke Day
  • No More, Like, Icky Stuff
  • Late-Night Snacks for All
  • Say NO to Noogies
  • Banish Unsightly Blemishes
  • Bring Back Booster Club
  • Competitive Nom-Nom Club Support
  • Sleep-In Sundays
  • A Year without Complaining
  • Dreamers for More Sleep
  • Make Chess Mandatory
  • Save the T-shirt
  • No More Anchovies
  • Up or Down with Antonyms
  • Crunchier Cereal for All
  • Bring Back Square Dancing
  • Reduce Paperwork or Else
  • Readers for More Books
  • Ban Scary Clowns
  • Let's All Ride the Bus
  • Yay Sports
  • Everyone for Things
  • Town Defense Team
  • Celebrate-Chocolate Month
  • Plant More Cool Flowers
  • No More Makeup
  • Hair-Ball Emergency Center
  • Mandatory Snack Time
  • Bunny vs. Rabbit: Pick One
  • Practice Waddling Day
  • Tomboys Are People Too
  • Night-Owl Club
  • Communal Candy Supply
  • Learn-to-Bake-a-Cake Week
  • More Birthdays for Everyone

Lazy Jock Cranky Smug
  • Longer Naps for All
  • Toffee Appreciation Day
  • We Need a Town Snack Bar
  • More Crayons per Box
  • We Need Food Testers
  • Pecans and Walnuts for All
  • No Ventriloquism after Dark
  • National Monument to Naps
  • Shoe-Tying Instruction Clinic
  • Campaign for Seedless Fruit
  • No More Crinkly Wrappers
  • Missing-Sock Hotline
  • National Juice-Box Day
  • Year of a Million Lunges
  • Election by Arm Wrestling
  • Sweatpants for Everyone
  • Tolerate Stinky Gym Odors
  • Martial Arts for Everyone
  • Celebrate Muscle Health
  • Spontaneous Hopping Day
  • Power-Hopscotch League
  • Power-Somersaulting Class
  • Hug-an-Athlete Day
  • Mandatory Fitness Testing
  • Free Protein Bars for All
  • Don't Hate! Hydrate
  • Stubborn Old-Man Day
  • Finding Peace and Quiet
  • Learning to Shush
  • Salty and Satisfying
  • Against Judging Faces
  • Grumps are Beautiful
  • Wigless Wednesdays
  • Restore the Good Ol' Days
  • Finding My Keys
  • Sitting and Relaxing
  • Less Sugar, More Fiber
  • Scary Faces Are Still Faces
  • Restoring Nostalgia
  • Send Flowers and Mean It
  • Remember the Golden Rule
  • Endless-Dancing Sundays
  • Animals Are People Too
  • Unruly Hair Must Go
  • Indie Rock Forever
  • Appreciating Hipsters
  • Cute Animals Are Cute
  • Make Cheese, Not Traps
  • Hugs, Not Thugs
  • Love-Thy-Hairstyle Day
  • Accessorize Our Town
  • No More Documentaries