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"You know, he might seem like a bit of a show-off, but he's still quite the lighthearted gentleman!"
Isabelle, talking about a Smug villager, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Marshal, a smug villager who has appeared since Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Smug[nb 1] is a male villager personality first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Smug villagers tend to be kind and polite, and get along well with other villagers. At first glance, however, smug villagers are vain, arrogant, and boastful, believing they are always right. Many smug villagers also lead elegant lifestyles, similar to snooty villagers. Smug villagers also cannot be default villagers. They are the male equivalent to the female snooty villagers, who were previously compared to cranky villagers. There are currently 35 smug villagers, 6 of which appeared in previous games with a different personality.


Flash, a cranky islander, speaks with a player in a rather gentlemanly way, despite his personality. This behavior is likely what led to the smug personality's creation.


Smug villagers commonly act arrogant, boastful, and egotistical (hence the name "smug", which means prideful), which may lead to them unintentionally belittling the player in a similar manner to snooty villagers. They speak with the voice that was originally used exclusively by Farley in Animal Crossing: A sophisticated, charming voice. Like snooty villagers, smug villagers also enjoy gossiping about other villagers and spreading rumors. Beneath the surface, however, they are kind-hearted villagers that act very polite, sometimes gentlemen like, and may flirt with the player, regardless of gender, when befriended. They fall asleep at 2:00 a.m. and wake up at 8:30 a.m.

The personality is likely derived from the behavior of the cranky islanders in Animal Crossing and Doubutsu no Mori e+, specifically Flash, O'Hare, and Rowan, alongside Curlos, Frank, and Verdun in e+, which behave in a similar manner to smug villagers. Oddly enough, however, only O'Hare and Curlos return with the smug personality, and Kidd, who was lazy as an islander, is oddly given this personality as well.


Due to their boastful attitudes, cranky villagers express a bitter distaste for smug villagers, who will claim that they are "mucking around". Uchi villagers may also be irritated by smug villagers due to their enjoyment of spreading gossip, or due to their flirtatious nature. On the other hand, smug villagers get along perfectly with other smug villagers, and snooty villagers due to common behaviors and interests: Snooty villagers are also arrogant and boastful while leading elegant lifestyles. Peppy villagers will admire smug villagers and their fashion sense, and will see them as a sort of "big brother" in comparison to them. Lazy villagers also get along with smug villagers, due to smug villagers having a laid-back sense of humor, which lazy villagers find amusing.


Below are some (not all) quotes made by smug villagers.

  • "How goes it, <player>! If I may be so bold, you're looking as cool as a fair number of cucumbers."
  • "Hey, <player>. Seems quiet today, huh? Like, too quiet. <catchphrase>."
  • "Hey, <player>. I feel like we need more dancing happening right now. (Villager does flourish emotion) Shoom! OK, that's a little better."
  • "I've seen you a lot today. <catchphrase> Nothing like a chat with <villager> to brighten your day, yeah?"
  • "...My relationship with that famous actress? Ah, we're just good friends who go way back! ...What, really? A press conference? Please contact my office for those kinds of things. All right, I know <town name> has nothing like that, <player>. I figured I'd just pretend. Hah ha! But now I feel kinda dumb... (Villager fells a cold chill)"
  • "Oh boy. Rumors are scary, don't you think? Apparently, <villager> and I are... Well, if I understand it right, people think we're cousins somehow, <catchphrase>. Huh? Are we? Well...I don't know. I've gotta protect <villager>'s privacy, so I can't tell you anything else about this! "
  • "According to the fortune-teller, Katrina, your fortune changes every single day. She says you can slightly change your luck if you carry a lucky item on either lucky or unlucky days. Lucky days will be even better, but days with bad luck will be totally neutralized by the lucky item. (Villager blushes) I'd like to increase my luck in love. (villager laughs) If I could do that, I'd wear anything I'd have to!"

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  1. Japanese: キザ Hepburn: KizaSmug