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Type of Pig villager Chops pig14
Artwork of Chops the Pig
Species Personality Gender
Pig Smug Male
Birthday October 13th Libra
Favorite saying "You can't have your cake and eat it too."
Catchphrase "zoink"
Clothing Red Ringmaster Coat[nb 1]
Military Uniform (Red)[nb 2]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages
Phrase in other languages

Chops is a smug pig villager in the Animal Crossing series who first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. His name comes from "pork chops," a food which is made from pigs. His Japanese name, Ton Fan, is a pun on ton, meaning "pork," and doufan the Japanese pronunciation of the former French noble title, dauphin, heir apparent to the throne.

In New Horizons, Chops has the education hobby and can be seen wearing Rimmed Glasses, reading a novel while outside, and using a magnifying glass when near certain objects.



Artwork of Chops from Welcome amiibo.

Chops is a tan pig with yellow, curly hair, a black mustache, blue eyes, and purple inside his ears. He also has a red nose and black hooves.


Below is a brief description of the smug personality. For more information, click here.

Chops has a smug personality, meaning he will appear kind to the player. Occasionally, he may flirt with the player, regardless of gender. He may also talk about trains, and ask the player to keep his obsession a secret. He also may come off as conceited, but he still gets along with any villager, regardless of their personality. It is implied that he has an unseen hobby of dancing. Chops goes to sleep at 2:00 AM and wakes up at 8:30 AM.

Villager information[edit]

In New Leaf[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Chops cannot be one of the starting villagers in the player's town.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.



Birthday Personality Catchphrase
October 13 Libra Smug zoink
Default clothing Red Ringmaster Coat NL Model.png Red Ringmaster Coat
Default umbrella Maple Umbrella NL Model.png Maple Umbrella
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style Ornate
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style Basic
Favorite color
Siblings Eldest of 3 kids
Skill Making crafts
Goal Politician
Halloween fear Werewolf Hood NL Model.png Werewolf Hood
Coffee preferences
Type of beans Mocha
Amount of milk None
Amount of sugar None

In New Horizons[edit]

You can't have your cake and eat it too.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
October 13 Libra Smug (A) zoink
Default clothing Military Uniform (Red) NH Icon.png Military Uniform (Red)
Default umbrella Two-Tone Umbrella NH Icon.png Two-Tone Umbrella
Default phone  Default Phone Case (Red) NH Model.png  Red
Final phone  Phone Case (Checkered 2 - Fabric 13) NH Model.png  Checkered 2 - Fabric 13
Favorite styles Gorgeous and Elegant
Favorite colors
Hobby Education
Carried bag Veggie-print Bag NH Model.png Veggie-print
Book Education Book Interior NH Texture.png Novel
Food Chocolate donut Food NH Model.png Chocolate donut
Drink Tea can or yellow mug Drink NH Model.png Tea can or yellow mug
Popsicle Orange Popsicle NH Model.png Orange
Ideal clothing for Chops – Red / Green Gorgeous and Elegant clothing
Villagers prefer clothing that matches any one of their favorite colors or styles.
For brevity, the following list only shows clothing that matches both favorite colors and one favorite style.
Name Image Price Available from
Argyle Sweater (Green) Argyle Sweater (Green) NH Icon.png  1,200 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
Chima Jeogori (Vermilion) Chima Jeogori (Vermilion) NH Icon.png  2,520 Bells  Able Sisters
Chimayo Vest (Red) Chimayo Vest (Red) NH Icon.png  1,120 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
China Poblana China Poblana NH Icon.png  2,520 Bells  Able Sisters
Cold-Country Dress (Red) Cold-Country Dress (Red) NH Icon.png  2,520 Bells  Able Sisters
Emblem Blazer (Green) Emblem Blazer (Green) NH Icon.png  1,960 Bells  Able Sisters
Hibiscus Hairpin (Red) Hibiscus Hairpin (Red) NH Icon.png  560 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
Prince's Tunic (Green) Prince's Tunic (Green) NH Icon.png  4,800 Bells  Able Sisters
Shawl-and-Dress Combo (Red) Shawl-and-Dress Combo (Red) NH Icon.png  2,000 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
Silk Hat (Green) Silk Hat (Green) NH Icon.png Not for sale  Gulliver
Steampunk Hat (Green) Steampunk Hat (Green) NH Icon.png  1,320 Bells  Able Sisters
Tam-o'-Shanter (Red) Tam-o'-Shanter (Red) NH Icon.png Not for sale  Gulliver
Tweed Jacket (Green) Tweed Jacket (Green) NH Icon.png  1,680 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
More Red Items
More Green Items
More Gorgeous Items
More Elegant Items

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

Thought bubble I want to stay in a place designed for winners.
Client's vision The Winner's Circle
Required items Pile of Cash
Rocking Chair
Claw-Foot Tub
Favorite song  K.K. Swing
Unlocked items
  •  Antique Chair
  •  Piano Bench
  •  Elegant Sofa
  •  Antique Mini Table
  •  Elegant Console Table
  •  Antique Table
  •  Antique Bed
  •  Elegant Bed
  •  Safe
  •  Antique Wardrobe
  •  Elegant Dresser
  •  Floor Light
  •  Shaded Floor Lamp
  •  Projection Screen
  •  Hi-Fi Stereo
  •  Grand Piano
  •  Wood-Burning Stove
  •  Shower Booth
  •  Fancy Bathroom Vanity
  •  Fan Palm
  •  Yucca
  •  Display Stand
  •  Lighted Display Stand
  •  Elaborate Display Case
  •  Billiard Table
  •  Antique Clock
  •  Fine Vase
  •  Beautiful Statue
  •  Valiant Statue
  •  Decorative Bottles
  •  Fancy Tea Set
  •  Afternoon-Tea Set
  •  Blood-Orange Juice
  •  Strawberry Soda
  •  Elegant Lamp
  •  LCD TV (50 in.)
  •  Phonograph
  •  Golden Piggy Bank
  •  Aluminum Briefcase
  •  Gold Bars
  •  Wristwatch
  •  Golden Wristwatch
  •  Ring
  •  Chessboard
  •  Porcelain Vase
  •  Chops's Photo
  •  Wall-Mounted TV (50 in.)
  •  Flowery Painting
  •  Glowing Painting
  •  Worthy Painting
  •  Chops's Poster
  •  Spiral Chandelier
  •  Chandelier
  •  Ceiling Fan
  • Interior:
    Other items:


    In New Leaf[edit]

    Exterior of Chops's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    Interior of Chops's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
     Harpsichord  Rococo Dresser
     Retro Stereo  Rococo Sofa
     Regal Lamp  Throne
     Lady Palm  Classic Table
     Coat Hanger  Moth Orchid
     Gorgeous Wall Clock
    Wall:  Stately Wall
    Floor:  Plush Carpet
    Music:  K.K. Moody

    In New Horizons[edit]

    Other appearances[edit]

    In Happy Home Designer[edit]

    Happy Home Designer client information
    Example of Chops's Happy Home Designer house
    Official example
    Chops's Happy Home Designer icon

    You can't have your cake and eat it too.
    Thought bubble I'm pretty sure I was a king in a previous life, so I really should have a royal room.
    Client's vision A king's chamber.
    Required items Golden Bench
    Golden Bed
    Golden Table
    Favorite song  Soulful K.K.
    Unlocked items
     Gold Roses    Statue Fountain    Golden Bed  
     Golden Chair    Golden Bench    Golden Woman  
     Golden Man    Golden Table    Golden Clock  
     Golden Closet    Golden Dresser    Golden Screen  
     Throne    Valiant Statue    Great Statue  
     Soulful K.K.    Chops's Pic    Golden Wall Torch  
     Gorgeous Rug    Persian Rug    Helipad Rug  
     Stone Wall    Golden Wall    Palace Wall  
     Palace Tile    Golden Carpet  
     Red Ringmaster Coat    Royal Shirt    Royal Shorts  
     Royal Crown    King's Beard    Maple Umbrella  
     Gold Roses  
     Golden Roof    Golden Exterior    Gold Steel Door  
     Gold Steel Door    Golden Fence  
    Starting house: House of Chops HHD Exterior.png

    Card profiles[edit]

    amiibo card[edit]

    185 Chops amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo card back.png

    #185 Chops - Series 2
    Star sign: Libra
    Birthday: October 13th
    Dice value: 1
    Hand sign: Paper


    Names in other languages[edit]

    Japanese トンファン
    A pun on either Don Juan (ドンファン) or dauphin (ドーファン) and 豚 ton (トン), meaning "pig."

    Korean 돈후앙
    Don Huang
    Don Juan; also a pun on 돈 (豚) don, meaning "pork."

    Simplified Chinese 豚皇
    Tun Huang
    Pig emperor, also a transliteration of "dauphin."

    Russian Чопс
    Same as English name.

    Dutch Chops Same as English name.

    German Clemens -

    European Spanish Solomín Pun on "solomillo," Spanish for sirloin steak.

    European French Aaron A Hebrew name meaning "Strong" or "Exalted."

    Italian Lino Common Italian male given name, perhaps from "Maialino" meaning piglet.

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    2. New Horizons