Wedding Season

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Wedding Season
June 1st — 30th
Time All day
Host Harvey
Visitors Cyrus
Main appearances

Wedding Season is an event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 1.2.0 April Free Update. Throughout the month of June, players can visit Harv's Island and perform a wedding-themed photo shoot at Photopia for Cyrus and Reese.


On the first day of Wedding Season, Isabelle will announce it along with the beginning of June in the daily announcements. After leaving their house, the player will be called by Harvey and told that he needs help with a photo shoot at his island. After arriving at Harv's Island, Harvey tells the player about the photo shoot, and he will then bring the player to a room with Cyrus and Reese. They will ask the player to decorate the room to look like a wedding chapel. The player can decorate it with special wedding-themed furniture made by Cyrus, and, once properly decorated, can take a photo of the couple. Reese will then reward the player with an item from the Wedding Series and a varying amount of Heart Crystals, the latter of which can be given to Cyrus for more items from the Wedding Series. More Heart Crystals can be obtained daily by repeating the photo shoot, and the amount received depends on how well-decorated the room is.

Each day, Reese will ask for a different themed photo shoot, which will unlock new items to use and purchase from Cyrus. Eventually, Reese will ask the player to set up a wedding party. During this photo shoot, villagers can be placed, and unlike the previous tasks, a photo is not required to complete it. After the party, the player will receive the Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate from the couple and a DIY recipe for a Wedding Fence from Harvey. The next day, the player can speak to Cyrus and he will give them the DIY recipe for the Wedding Wand in addition to the remaining Wedding-themed items being unlocked.


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