Flower Fest

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Flower Fest
Flower Fest WW.jpg
Second Monday of April — following Sunday
Time All day
Host Tortimer
Main appearances

The Flower Fest is a week-long gardening competition, appearing only in Animal Crossing: Wild World, to determine which villager can create the best garden. It takes place starting on the Monday of the second week of April, and ending at dawn on the following Sunday, lasting an entire week.

Tortimer will preside in the Plaza and no special visitors will be seen except K.K. Slider. Each day, provided the player speaks to him, Tortimer will give them a different bag of flower seeds. He will also inform the player which flower represents the month in which they were born if they speak to him repeatedly.

At Monday, the winner of the Flower Fest will receive the Flower Trophy through the mail, and they will be congratulated through the Bulletin Board.

Prizes for Flower Fest

Item Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group Color(s) Genre Size Info
Flower Trophy Flower Trophy WW.png - 800 Flower Fest - Yellow/Yellow Modern/Chic 1.0 x 1.0 can put on table

It is unknown what the precise requirements are to win the contest. Planting many flowers within three spaces of the player's house allows for a good chance at winning as does planting a well-arranged, varied array of flowers.

Other villagers will plant flowers within two spaces of their houses. Players can cheat by planting patterns all over the neighbor's homes, preventing any flowers from growing and thus eliminating competition. Using this method, the player can win by planting just one flower. Flowers can also be stolen from the town's residents which increases the player's chances of winning the Flower Fest and decreases the villager's hopes.