Phonograph (New Horizons)

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Buy price Sell price
 53,000 Bells
 47,700 Poki
 13,250 Bells
Height Size
1.0 x 1.0 1.0 × 1.0
Obtain via  Nook's Cranny (upgraded)
Customize No customization options.
HHA themes Expensive / Retro
HHA points 251
In other games
Animal Crossing (phonograph)
Wild World (phonograph)
City Folk (phonograph)
New Leaf (phonograph)
Names in other languages

The phonograph is a miscellaneous furniture item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As a miscellaneous item, it can be placed on either the ground or on the surfaces of tables and other similar furniture items that have surfaces for items. The item acts as a stereo, allowing the player to play music they have acquired.

The phonograph can be obtained from the upgraded Nook's Cranny for  53,000 Bells.

This item appears as a furniture item in the homes of Amelia, Baabara, Beardo, Becky, Bettina, Bill, Boris, Broffina, Cesar, Chadder, Chops, Chow, Cousteau, Dobie, Doc, Drago, Elise, Ellie, Freya, Gala, Gigi, Hippeux, Kidd, Kitt, Kitty, Klaus, Knox, Lionel, Lucy, Marlo, Mathilda, Miranda, Naomi, Olivia, Pango, Pekoe, Phil, Soleil, T-Bone, Velma, Yuka, and Zell. As a result, this item has a chance to be purchasable by the player if they were invited by any of the preceding villagers.

In Happy Home Paradise, this item is unlocked for use in designing when doing a vacation home request for Alice, Becky, Boomer, Caroline, Chai, Chops, Claudia, Clyde, Curlos, Dobie, Elvis, Eugene, Gala, Gigi, Grizzly, Huck, Kidd, Klaus, Marshal, Monique, Muffy, Naomi, Pierce, Portia, Pudge, Raymond, Reneigh, Ribbot, Robin, Rod, Tank, Tiansheng, Willow, and Zell. The item can also be unlocked when tasked by Lottie to design the school.

In the designing process of Happy Home Paradise, Claudia, Portia, and Robin require this item to be placed in or outside their vacation home.

After unlocking this item in Happy Home Paradise, the item can be purchased from Wardell's catalog for  47,700 Poki.

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