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"Treat others as you would like to be treated."
— Alice, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Japanese メルボルン Korean 멜버른 Chinese Unknown
French Alice Italian Alice Spanish Zelanda
German Konny Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Alice NLa.png
Species Personality Gender
Koala Normal Female
Birthday August 19th Leo
Phrase guvnor
Clothes Barber Tee*
Saying Treat others as you would like to be treated.
I like having you around.
Main Games
Other Games

Alice is a normal, koala villager in the Animal Crossing series. When she first moves into the town she uses the phrase, "guvnor". Her name is based on the city of Alice Springs, Australia.



Alice DnMe+.png

Alice is a yellow koala with dirty blond hair, which is much longer than any other koalas, so she wears two pink hairpins on both sides of her forehead. The inside of her ears are white, and her eyes are a crystal blue. Alice also has freckles under her eyes, and her lips are pink.


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.

As a normal villager, Alice will appear friendly and hospitable towards the player and other villagers. Like other normal villagers, she will have an unseen obsession with hygiene and cleanliness, which she mentions when the player visits her in her home. Other than her hygiene interests, she will appear neutral and open-minded when discussing hobbies. Along with peppy villagers, she may be the target of snooty villagers, as they sometimes spread gossip about her. She will enjoy the usual hobbies, such as collecting clothes, fishing, bug catching and gardening. She may, like most normal villagers, stay at home during the afternoon. If the player runs errands for her or sends her letters, she may give them her picture shortly after she moves to town. She will get along easily with other villagers, but may slightly conflict with lazy villagers when they talk about food and leading her on to suggesting making them dinner or lunch.


In Wild World[edit]

AlicePicACWW.png I like having you around.
Favorite Clothing
Smallcheckmark.png Funky Smallxmark.png Refined

Ideal Clothing for Alice – Funky
Name Price Available From
One-Ball Shirt 340 Able Sisters (All)
Paw Shirt 360 Able Sisters (All)
Big Star Shirt 400 Able Sisters (All)
A Shirt 370 Able Sisters (All)
No.2 Shirt 250 Able Sisters (All)
Big Bro's Shirt 320 Able Sisters (Fall)
Beatnik Shirt 360 Able Sisters (Spring)
Dapper Shirt 350 Able Sisters (Winter)
Natty Shirt 380 Able Sisters (Summer)
Toad Shirt 340 Able Sisters (Winter)
More Funky Clothing

In City Folk[edit]

Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Funky
Smallxmark.png Refined
Furniture Genre Trendy/Playful
Furniture Series Cabana
Furniture Color Purple
Ideal Furniture for Alice – Purple Trendy/Playful
Name Price Available From
Harvest Bed - Franklin
Harvest Dresser - Franklin
Harvest Bureau - Franklin
Harvest Sofa - Franklin
Harvest Chair - Franklin
Harvest Table - Franklin
Harvest Mirror - Franklin
Harvest TV - Franklin
Harvest Clock - Franklin
Harvest Lamp - Franklin
More Purple Furniture More Trendy/Playful Furniture

In New Leaf[edit]

AlicePicACNL.png Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Siblings Youngest of 2 kids
Skill Photography
Goal Stylist
Fear Mummies
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Cute
Smallxmark.png Ornate
Color Purple
Type Mocha
Milk None
Sugar None
Ideal Gifts for Alice – Purple Cute Items
Name Price Available From
Hammock 1,320 Timmy & Tommy's
Incense Burner 680 Timmy & Tommy's
Papa Panda 1,920 Timmy & Tommy's
Violet Screen - Leif
Beaded Tank 280 Ables (Summer)
Dazed Shirt 420 Ables (Fall)
Dazed Tee 350 Ables (Summer)
Floral Knit Tee 420 Ables (Spring)
Funky-Dot Tank 280 Ables (Summer)
Funky-Dot Tee 430 Ables (All)
More Purple Items More Cute Items


In Doubutsu no Mori e+, Alice house has a Green Wall and Diner Tile. The furniture is the same as Bessie's, but with different wallpaper and flooring.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Alice's house has a relaxed, slightly tropical theme - she has some items from the Cabana Series, various plants, the complete Pine Set, a Retro Stereo, and a Xylophone. She has the Green Wall and the Diner Tile. Surfin' K.K. plays in her house, enhancing the "beach getaway" theme to her house.

In City Folk, Alice's house seems to have a comfortable, somewhat musical vibe. She has a Vibraphone and a guitar, as well as a Retro Stereo which plays Surfin' K.K. as it did in Wild World.

Other appearances[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer House Info
Type: Koala
Client's Vision: A mix of antique pieces.
Required Items: -
Favorite Song: -
Favorite Saying: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

In Pocket Camp[edit]

Appearance since September 25th, 2018

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Character Info
Needed to Invite:

Required Friendship Level: 5

Modern Rug PC Icon.png
Console Table PC Icon.png
Brown Seat PC Icon.png
Cup of Mint Tea PC Icon.png
Succulent Plant PC Icon.png
Modern Rug Console Table Brown Seat Cup of Mint Tea Succulent Plant
Friendship Rewards:
Barber Tee PC Icon.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Barber Tee
and Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
Pawn PC Icon.png

Craft Unlock
Level 7 Level 9 Level 15
Alice PC icon portrait.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Pic of Alice‎‎
and Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
Level 20 Level 25 Level 30 Level 35
Alice PC icon.png
She likes that her blue eyes and red nose make her stand out, but her private worry is that her freckles go too far. Alice doesn't want THAT much attention.
 Preferred theme:
PC Banner - Modern.png
 Primary reward:
PC Crafting Material - Paper.png Paper

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo Card[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#182 Alice - Series 2
Type: Koala
Star sign: Leo
Birthday: August 19th
Dice value: 4
Hand sign: Scissors
182 Alice amiibo card NA.png
181 Drake List of amiibo cards
#182 Alice
183 Camofrog



Sprites & Models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メルボルン
From Melbourne, the state capital of Victoria, Australia
Spanish Zelanda Zealand, derived from the country New Zealand
French Alice From the city of Alice Springs
German Konny -
Italian Alice -
Korean 멜버른 Melbourne