Surfin' K.K.

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#42 Surfin' K.K.  
Surfin' K.K. NH Texture.png
Album cover in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Live Performance
Mood A little grumpy...
Owned by Spike NH Villager Icon.png Spike[nb 1]
Static NH Villager Icon.png Static[nb 2]
Alice NH Villager Icon.png Alice[nb 3]
Katt NH Villager Icon.png Katt[nb 4]
Renée NH Villager Icon.png Renée[nb 5]
Gonzo NH Villager Icon.png Gonzo[nb 6]
Rowan NH Villager Icon.png Rowan[nb 6]
Cube NH Villager Icon.png Cube[nb 7]
Jay NH Villager Icon.png Jay[nb 7]
Mac NH Villager Icon.png Mac[nb 7]
Tex NH Villager Icon.png Tex[nb 7]
Instruments Electric guitar
Drum kits
Main appearances
Name in other languages
 Kéké à la plage
 K.K. Surf
 Серф К. К.
 일렉트릭 뮤직
 Kéké à la plage
 Surfin' K.K.

"Surfin' K.K." is a K.K. Slider song that first appears in Doubutsu no Mori. It is based on surf rock, a novelty genre from the 1960s themed around elements of surfing culture and popularized by the Beach Boys. It incorporates an R&B bass, an electric slapped guitar, and a drum kit with heavy use of cymbals. However, the first half sounds similar to Surfin' and Spyin' by the Go-Go's.

Album cover[edit]

Album cover in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The album cover for "Surfin' K.K." features K.K. Slider surfing a wave while playing a red electric guitar. It may be a reference to the album cover of Surfer's Choice by American surf guitarist Dick Dale.


In Animal Crossing[edit]

In Animal Crossing, "Surfin' K.K." is played in the houses of Spike and Static.

In Wild World and City Folk[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, "Surfin' K.K." is played in the houses of Alice and Static.

In New Leaf[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, "Surfin' K.K." is played in the houses of Alice, Katt, Renée, and Static.

In New Horizons[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, "Surfin' K.K." is played in the houses of Gonzo, Renée, Rowan, and Static.

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, "Surfin' K.K." is played in the houses of Cube, Jay, Mac, and Tex.

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese エレキそんぐ
Ereki songu
Elec Song

Korean 일렉트릭 뮤직
Illekteurik Myujik
Electric Music

Simplified Chinese 电吉他乐曲 (iQue)
Diàn jítā yuèqǔ
Electric guitar music

Russian Серф К. К.
Syorf K. K.
K.K. Surf

Dutch K⁠.⁠K⁠.-surf K.K. Surf

German Surfin' K.K.

European Spanish Tota-surf K.K. Surf

European French Kéké à la plage K.K. at the Beach

Italian K.K. A poppa
K.K. Surf (New Horizons)
K.K. Astern
K.K. Surf