Forest Life

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#57 Forest Life  
Forest Life NH Texture.png
Live Performance
Genre Minimalism
Mood Laid-back
Owned by Alfonso (DnMe+ onwards),
Opal (DnMe+ to NL),
Savannah (DnMe+ onwards),
Peck (NL),
Simon (NL),
Bones (NL),
Maddie (NL),
Maggie (NL),
Bunnie (NH),
Daisy (NH),
Lolly (NH),
Maple (NH),
Nate (NH),
Peaches (NH),
Peanut (NH),
Poppy (NH),
Punchy (NH),
Spork (NH),
Vesta (NH),
Dora (HHD),
Fauna (HHD),
Goldie, (HHD),
Kitt (HHD),
Soleil (HHD),
Isabelle (RV)
Main appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese もりのせいかつ
Simplified Chinese 森林生活
French Vie de forêt
Spanish Forestal y tal
Italian Vita selvaggia
Russian Лесная жизнь

Korean 숲 속 생활
Traditional Chinese 森林生活
Quebec French Vie de forêt
Latin American Spanish Forestal y tal
German Waldlichtung
Dutch In het bos

"Forest Life" is a K.K. Slider song introduced in Doubutsu no Mori. It is one of the three songs in Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Crossing that K.K. Slider plays whenever the player enters an invalid song, with the other two being "To the Edge" and "My Place". It becomes obtainable in Doubutsu no Mori e+ as one of the new secret songs in the game. This song is a cover of the main theme of Animal Crossing, much like Welcome Horizons covers the main theme of New Horizons. It is a traveling song with intricate, melodic designs, featuring many bells, chimes, etc.

Savannah, Skye, Simon, Opal, Peck, and Alfonso have this song in their houses in Wild World and onwards, and Bones has this song in New Leaf. Maddie and Maggie both have this song in their homes in Welcome amiibo. Punchy, Lolly, Spork, Poppy, and Peanut have this song in New Horizons.

The song can be obtained by visiting K.K. Slider any Saturday at The Roost or Club LOL between 8 PM and midnight, then entering "Forest Life" as the requested song.


  • In Animal Crossing, K.K. Slider will always play "Forest Life" whenever the player makes a song request containing the word 'forest'. It is the only non-obtainable secret song in the series that can be specifically requested in this manner.


Sprites and models[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese もりのせいかつ
Mori no seikatsu

Korean 숲 속 생활
Sup Sog Saenghwal

Simplified Chinese 森林生活 (iQue)
Sēnlín shēnghuó

Russian Лесная жизнь
Lesnaya zhizn'

Dutch In het bos In the woods

German Waldlichtung Forest Clearing

European Spanish Forestal y tal Foresty and so forth

European French Vie de forêt

Italian Vita selvaggia Wild Life