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"However little you think of an elephant, you can't say it won't fill a pot."
— Opal, Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Japanese オパール Korean 오팔 Chinese Unknown
French Opaline Italian Opal Spanish Ópalo
German Olga Dutch Unknown Russian Unknown
Opal NLa.png
Species Personality Gender
Elephant Snooty Female
Birthday January 20th Aquarius
Phrase snoot
Clothes Gray Tartan*
Gray Tartan Tee*
Saying However little you think of an elephant, you can't say it won't fill a pot.
Now whenever you see this picture of me, you can think warm thoughts.
Main Games
Other Games

Opal is a snooty, elephant villager in the Animal Crossing series. She has made an appearance in every game to date. As a snooty villager, she will only have a sense for her own self-importance, making it difficult to relate and talk to her. Her name, "Opal", comes from the strong, turquoise gemstone which may reflect on her snooty personality, which revolves around glamour and status. Her initial phrase, "snoot," which means "nose" or "snob", may refer to her snooty personality (snob) and her trunk (nose).



Opal DnM.png

Opal is a green elephant with a sophisticated smile. She has dark eyes and chalky lavender eye shadow. She also has dark green hair that breaks off into squares and a white belly that shows under her shirt. She has light brown on the tips of her hands and feet, and also on the tip of her trunk. Her tail is that same shade of light brown.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.

As a snooty villager, she is interested in fashion. She will appear uptown, classy, and chic. She may sometimes comment on the player's outfit, either praising it (if the item is from Gracie or part of a set) or criticizing it (cheaper and mixed style). She will either offer another item of clothing or ask for the player to find her an item of clothing in return. She will also give advice on style inside the player's home referring to the Happy Room Academy. She will appear rude to the player at first, but she will eventually warm up to them. She will typically get along with cranky, smug and occasionally normal villagers.


In Wild World[edit]

OpalPicACWW.png Now whenever you see this picture of me, you can think warm thoughts.
Favorite Clothing
Smallcheckmark.png Gaudy Smallxmark.png Cool

Ideal Clothing for Opal – Gaudy
Name Price Available From
Bright Shirt 320 Able Sisters (Spring)
Rainbow Shirt 777 Able Sisters (Summer)
Bold Check Shirt 360 Able Sisters (All)
Loud Bloom Shirt 360 Able Sisters (Summer)
Rose Shirt 480 Able Sisters (All)
Prism Shirt 370 Able Sisters (All)
Twinkle Shirt 480 Able Sisters (Summer)
Star Shirt 370 Able Sisters (All)
Jagged Shirt 360 Able Sisters (All)
Gaudy Sweater 330 Able Sisters (Spring)
More Gaudy Clothing

In City Folk[edit]

Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Gaudy
Smallxmark.png Cool
Furniture Genre Trendy/Dignified
Furniture Series Exotic
Furniture Color White
Ideal Furniture for Opal – White Trendy/Dignified
Name Price Available From
Modern Bed 2,320 Tom Nook
Modern Dresser 2,250 Tom Nook
Modern Wardrobe 2,560 Crazy Redd
Modern Chair 1,500 Tom Nook
Modern Sofa 2,650 Tom Nook
Modern End Table 1,900 Crazy Redd
Modern Desk 2,480 Tom Nook
Modern Table 1,800 Tom Nook
Modern Cabinet 2,580 Spotlight
Modern Lamp 1,400 Tom Nook
More White Furniture More Trendy/Dignified Furniture

In New Leaf[edit]

OpalPicACNL.png However little you think of an elephant, you can't say it won't fill a pot.
Siblings Middle of three
Skill Memorizing stuff
Goal Doctor
Fear Ghost
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Official
Smallxmark.png Sporty
Color White
Type Blue Mountain
Milk Lots
Sugar Three spoonfuls
Ideal Gifts for Opal – White Official Items
Name Price Available From
Arrow Sign 3,500 Museum Shop
Coffee Cup - Brewster
Computer Desk 3,600 Timmy & Tommy's
Display Stand 1,500 Museum Shop
Exhibit Partition 3,000 Museum Shop
Flat Display Case 2,500 Museum Shop
Glass Display Case 2,000 Museum Shop
Homework Set 680 Timmy & Tommy's
Museum Chair 3,000 Museum Shop
Reception Table 2,000 Museum Shop
More White Items More Official Items


In Animal Crossing, her house plays "K.K. Safari." Beginning with Doubutsu no Mori e+, it was changed to "Forest Life," which continues to play in subsequent games.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Opal's house has furniture from the Exotic Series, a Classic Couch, an Odd Clock, and a Lady Palm. She has "Forest Life" as music in her Turntable. She also has the Mosaic Wall as her wallpaper and the Plaza Tile as flooring.

Other Appearances[edit]

In Pocket Camp[edit]

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Character Info
Needed to Invite:
Blathers PC icon.png This villager can be unlocked through Blathers's Treasure Trek.
Friendship Rewards:
Gray Tartan Tee PC Icon.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Gray Tartan Tee
and Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
Backyard Pool PC Icon.png

Backyard Pool
Craft Unlock
Level 7 Level 9 Level 15
Opal PC icon portrait.png
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Pic of Opal‎‎
and Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
PC Crafting Material - Sparkle Stones.png

Sparkle Stone
Level 20 Level 25 Level 30 Level 35
Opal PC icon.png
Opal elevates what it means to be an elephant. When she's in the room, she makes sure everyone IS talking about her.
 Preferred theme:
PC Banner - Harmonious.png
 Primary reward:
PC Crafting Material - Steel.png Steel

Card Profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing-e card
#128 Opal - Series 3
Gender: Female
Species: Elephant
Clothes: Gray Tartan
Sign: Aquarius
Phrase: snoot
Password: Cgjq4dzodz&iqE
Animal Crossing-e 3-128 (Opal).jpg
127 Kitty Animal Crossing-e cards
#128 Opal
129 Stella

Animal Crossing amiibo Card[edit]

Animal Crossing amiibo card
#051 Opal - Series 1
Type: Elephant
Star sign: Aquarius
Birthday: January 20
Dice value: 3
Hand sign: Paper
051 Opal amiibo card NA.png
050 Punchy List of amiibo cards
#051 Opal
052 Poppy



Sprites & Models[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オパール
Spanish Ópalo Opal
French Opaline Opal and 'ine', a female suffix
German Olga -
Italian Gemma (Animal Crossing)
Opal (Wild World onward)
Gemma literally means "gem".
Opal is identical to the English name.
Korean 오팔
Same as English name.