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Star signs are identities given based on date of birth. Comprised of 30° longitudinal sections on the ecliptic, there are twelve different signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Each sign has a respective symbol, often an animal. In the Animal Crossing series, villagers may mention their star sign when they meet the player. They may also comment on the player's star sign when they ask for their birthday.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player's star sign is displayed on their Town Pass Card. A furniture piece corresponding to each sign was distributed during the month for each star sign.



Aries The first astrological sign, the ram is the symbol of Aries (♈). Members of this sign have birth dates from March 21 to April 20.

Villagers with this sign are Elise, Paula, Axel, Skye, Billy, Celia, Fauna, Louie, Lolly, Baabara, Biff, Felicity, Klaus, Cashmere, Tammi, Eunice, Buck, Beau, Hopper, Rasher, Maelle, Stella, Shari, Punchy, Melba, Candi, Rocket, Marty, Vesta, Charlise, Piper, Pietro and Stu. Other characters with this sign are Grams, Mr. Resetti, and Porter.


Taurus Symbolized by a bull, Taurus (♉) is the second astrological sign. People with this sign have birth dates from April 21 to May 20.

Villagers with this sign are Agnes, Phoebe, Miranda, Walt, Bertha, Kevin, Katt, Ava, Coach, Angus, Clyde, Mint, Sylvia, Deirdre, Tank, Ozzie, Curlos, Bunnie, Patty, Cherry, Ellie, Biskit, Canberra, Leonardo, Ike, Gayle, Pekoe, Olaf, and T-Bone. Other characters with this sign are Booker and Don.


Gemini Gemini (♊) is represented by twins, with dates from May 21 to June 20.

Villagers with this sign are June, Colton, Peggy, Deli, Derwin, Bruce, Del, Cece, Renée, Purrl, Hamlet, Marcie, Keaton, Inkwell, Lucy, Filbert, Champ, Camofrog, Raddle, Zell, Peanut, Alfonso, Walker, Holden, Pudge, Bettina, Scoot, Pippy, Maple, Roscoe, Spike, Tangy, Cookie, Sally, and Graham. Other characters with this sign are Mabel, Gulliver, Tom Nook, Lyle, Timmy and Tommy, and Phineas.


Cancer Cancer (♋) is the fourth sign, represented by a crab. The dates range from June 21 to July 22.

Villagers with this sign are Sydney, Jacques, Tammy, Bluebear, Drake, Marina, Deena, Kidd, Merry, Broccolo, Curt, Agent S, Blaire, Apollo, Samson, Mira, Bree, Viché, Jeremiah, Huck, Static, Mott, Toby, Victoria, Olive, Twiggy, Dizzy, Caroline, Frita, Jay, Croque, Nibbles, Yuka, Prince, and Chow. Other characters with this sign are Copper, Kapp'n, Reese, and Pascal.


Leo The fifth sign, Leo (♌) is represented by a lion, with dates ranging from July 23 to August 22.

Villagers with this sign are Elvis, O'Hare, Rex, Peck, Curly, Erik, Ketchup, Truffles, Lionel, Frank, Grizzly, Julia, Kid Cat, Vladimir, Benjamin, Bones, Poppy, Chester, Rory, Bud, Soleil, Cole, Gigi, Gloria, Tabby, Rod, Wendy, Nate, Stinky, Rocco, Alice, Lopez, Wart Jr., and Rolf. Other characters with this sign are Leif and Leila.


Virgo Virgo (♍) is the sixth sign, ranging from August 23 to September 22. It is represented by a virgin maiden.

Villagers with this sign are Nana, Jacob, Nan, Tipper, Rowan, Bangle, Chrissy, Gruff, Hazel, Violet, Flo, Spork, Cally, Greta, Cesar, Tucker, Astrid, Pinky, Pecan, Peewee, Boone, Moose, Ricky, Tutu, Ed, Whitney, Bubbles, Fuchsia, Norma, Octavian, Henry and Ankha. Other characters with this sign are K.K. Slider and Celeste.


Libra Libra (♎) is represented by scales, and is the seventh sign. The dates range from September 23 to October 22.

Villagers with this sign are Cranston, Apple, Mitzi, Teddy, Beardo, Kody, Marshal, Monique, Diva, Big Top, Goose, Elmer, Tex, Cobb, Kiki, Drift, Benedict, Kitt, Lyman, Chops, Gonzo, Egbert, Bea, Hippeux, Friga, Limberg, Al, Clay, Antonio, and Timbra. Other characters with this sign are Blathers, Franklin, Brewster, Redd, and Katie.


Scorpio The eighth sign, Scorpio (♏) is represented by a scorpion. The dates for this sign are October 23 to November 20.

Villagers with this sign are Groucho, Broffina, Snooty, Portia, Eugene, Jambette, Gaston, Rodeo, Wade, Butch, Rilla, Iggly, Snake, Lucky, Boris, Lobo, Bam, Alli, Pango, Rodney, Mac, Mathilda, Queenie, Pancetti, Sly, Daisy, Mallary, Tia, Amelia, and Sparro. Other characters with this sign are Katrina, Jack, Labelle, Sahara, and Gracie.


Sagittarius Sagittarius (♐) is the ninth sign, with dates ranging from November 21 to December 20. It is represented by an archer.

Villagers with this sign are Flip, Claudia, Knox, Shep, Wolfgang, Willow, Phil, Peaches, Kabuki, Tasha, Sunny, Rooney, Sprocket, Annalise, W. Link, Claude, Robin, Hans, Carrie, Kyle, Buzz, Monty, Eloise, Becky, Tom, Sterling, Lucha, Bianca, Freya, Chadder, Gabi, Cousteau, Fang, Chief, Rudy, and Megumi. Other characters with this sign are Phyllis, Sable, Kicks, Chip, Digby, and Isabelle.


Capricorn Capricorn (♑) is the tenth sign and is represented by a goat. The dates are December 21 to January 20.

Villagers with this sign are Blanche, Quillson, Ken, Étoile, Ruby, Pashmina, Goldie, Bella, Murphy, Vic, Hugh, Marcel, Bob, Poncho, Joey, Diana, Roald, Carmen, Harry, Pierce, Tiffany, Papi, Maddie, Moe, Puddles, Velma, Gladys, Rizzo, Chelsea, Simon, and Opal. Other characters with this sign are Jingle, Tortimer, Shrunk, and Joan.


Aquarius Represented by a water-bearer, Aquarius (♒) is the eleventh sign. The dates range from January 21 to February 19.

Villagers with this sign are Genji, Francine, Gwen, Rhonda, Savannah, Vivian, Admiral, Aurora, Margie, Cube, Flurry, Winnie, Bill, Jitters, Olivia, Lily, Penelope, Annalisa, Boomer, Frobert, Flora, Cleo, Stitches, Pompom, Drago, Ribbot, Muffy, Kitty, Anabelle, Dobie, Dora, and Freckles. Other characters with this sign are Cyrus, Harriet, Rover, and Blanca.


Pisces Pisces (♓) is the twelfth and final sign, represented by a fish. The dates range from February 20 to March 20.

Villagers with this sign are Sprinkle, Puck, Avery, Pate, Anicotti, Hamphrey, Sheldon, Rosie, Naomi, Coco, Barold, Bonbon, Anchovy, Gala, Chai, Chevre, Molly, Zucker, Cyrano, Hopkins, Midge, Dotty, Julian, Doc, Cheri, Merengue and Hornsby. Other characters with this sign are Wendell, Luna, Pete and Pelly.