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This article is about the bear villager. For the villager whose French name is the same as this villager's Italian name, see Nibbles. For the villager whose Spanish name is the same as this villager's Italian name, see Carrie.

BearSpeciesIconSilhouette.png Tutu bea07
Tutu NH.png
Species Personality Gender
Bear Emotion Encouraging NH Icon cropped.png Peppy Female
Birthday September 15th Virgo
Quote "Even the best of friends start out as strangers."
Catchphrase "twinkles"
Clothing Heart Sweater (Pink)[nb 1]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Name in other languages

Japanese れんにゅう
Korean 연유
Italian Lola
German Mandy

Simplified Chinese 恋恋
French Tutu
Spanish Tutú
Dutch Tutu

Traditional Chinese 戀戀
Quebec French Tutu
Latin American Spanish Tutú
Russian Туту

Phrase in other languages

Japanese ファイト
Korean 사르르
Italian gnifa
German hooonig

Simplified Chinese 加油
French pic pic
Spanish fisflash
Dutch honingbij

Traditional Chinese 加油
Quebec French pic pic
Latin American Spanish fisflash
Russian ме-е-ед

Tutu is a peppy bear villager in the Animal Crossing series. She appears in every game except Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

In New Horizons, Tutu has the fashion hobby and may be seen wearing a pink purse with a white flower on it, as well as a specific headwear or accessory item.



Tutu resembles a polar bear: tall and white, with a wide, triangular black nose. Her ears are blue inside, and she has a small patch of light pink blush under her eyes This same light pink color blends with her white fur around her paws and feet. She also has blonde fur meant to represent hair on her forehead. Her lips are black, with a red mouth.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

As a peppy villager, Tutu will appear cheerful and friendly, and sometimes will reward others with gifts and compliments. To some villagers however, Tutu can appear to be rude sometimes. She has a short attention span and may have the tendency to overreact about small things. She will be easy to befriend, taking comfort in those she talks to most. She may, however, feel insulted when talking to snooty or cranky villagers, who may gossip about her or disagree with her style. She may also find it difficult to talk with lazy villagers, but however she gives out comfort to jocks, who are the male equivalent to the peppy villagers. She also gets along well with normal, big sister and smug villagers.

Villager information[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]


Species Gender Personality
Bear Female Peppy
Star sign Virgo Virgo
Catchphrase twinkles
Default Clothing Heart Shirt
Default Umbrella Pastel Parasol
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite Clothing Style (e+) Fresh
Smallxmark.png Least Favorite Clothing Style (e+) Cool
Live Song Gift (e+) K.K. Steppe

In City Folk[edit]

Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Fresh
Smallxmark.png Cool
Furniture Genre Trendy/Dignified
Furniture Series Cabin
Furniture Color Pink

In New Leaf[edit]

Tutu's picture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf Even best friends start out as strangers!
Siblings Eldest of three
Skill Skimming books
Goal Teacher
Fear Mummy Mask
Clothing Smallcheckmark.png Cute
Smallxmark.png Sporty
Color Pink
Type Blend
Milk The regular amount
Sugar Two spoonfuls

In New Horizons[edit]

Even the best of friends start out as strangers.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
September 15 Virgo Peppy (B) twinkles
Default Clothing Heart Sweater (Pink)
Favorite Styles Cute and Simple
Favorite Colors
Hobby Fashion
Carried Bag Pink
Book Fashion
Food Sandwich
Drink Smoothie or coffee cup
Popsicle Chocolate


In Doubutsu no Mori and Doubutsu no Mori+[edit]

PG Exterior 3 Red.png
House of Tutu DnM.png
Refrigerator PG Model.png Refrigerator Stove PG Model.png Stove
Retro TV PG Model.png Retro TV Mama Bear PG Model.png Mama Bear
Pothos PG Model.png Pothos Cabana Table PG Model.png Cabana Table
Tea Set PG Model.png Tea Set White Boom Box PG Model.png White Boom Box
Pink Kotatsu DnM+ Model.png Pink Kotatsu Baby Bear PG Model.png Baby Bear
Cabana Lamp PG Model.png Cabana Lamp Folk Guitar PG Model.png Folk Guitar
Massage Chair DnM+ Model.png Massage Chair Petal Parasol PG Model.png Petal Parasol
Wallpaper: Mod Wall PG.png Mod Wall
Floor: 8 Mat Tatami PG.png 8 Mat Tatami
Music: K.K. Steppe

In Animal Crossing[edit]

In City Folk[edit]

House of Tutu CF.png
Common Bed HHD Icon.png Basic Red Bed Classic Buffet HHD Icon.png Classic Buffet
24px Pink Kotatsu Refrigerator HHD Icon.png Refrigerator
Retro TV HHD Icon.png Retro TV Stove HHD Icon.png Stove
Mama Bear HHD Icon.png Mama Bear
Wallpaper: Mod Wall HHD Icon.png Mod Wall
Floor: Cabana Flooring HHD Icon.png Cabana Flooring
Music: K.K. Steppe

In New Leaf[edit]

House of Tutu NL Exterior.png
House of Tutu NL.jpg
Lovely Bed HHD Icon.png Lovely Bed Minimalist Sofa HHD Icon.png Minimalist Sofa
Lovely Table HHD Icon.png Lovely Table Lovely Dresser HHD Icon.png Lovely Dresser
Refrigerator HHD Icon.png Refrigerator Stove HHD Icon.png Stove
Extinguisher HHD Icon.png Extinguisher Minimalist Vanity HHD Icon.png Minimalist Vanity
Dracaena HHD Icon.png Dracaena Record Player HHD Icon.png Record Player
Mama Polar Bear HHD Icon.png Mama Polar Bear White Pansies HHD Icon.png White Pansies
Minimalist Clock HHD Icon.png Minimalist Clock Air Conditioner HHD Icon.png Air Conditioner
Wallpaper: Ranch Wall HHD Icon.png Ranch Wall
Floor: Neutral Floor HHD Icon.png Neutral Floor
Music: K.K. Steppe

In New Horizons[edit]

In New Horizons, if Tutu is one of the villagers who moved in during the main storyline after the villager house development quest, her house will have a combination of non-craftable furniture, plus items crafted by players during the island development storyline, primarily from the Wooden Block Series.

Other appearances[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer client information
Thought Bubble:
Client's Vision: A cool place to chill out.
Required Items: Shaved-Ice Maker HHD Icon.pngShaved-Ice Maker
Cosmos Fan HHD Icon.pngCosmos Fan
Favorite Song: K.K. Faire
Favorite Saying: Even best friends start out as strangers!
Tutu's Happy Home Designer icon
Happy Home Designer client information
Thought Bubble:
Client's Vision: A cool place to chill out.
Required Items: Shaved-Ice Maker HHD Icon.pngShaved-Ice Maker
Cosmos Fan HHD Icon.pngCosmos Fan
Favorite Song: K.K. Faire
Favorite Saying: Even best friends start out as strangers!
Tutu's Happy Home Designer icon

Card profiles[edit]

Animal Crossing e-Card[edit]

Animal Crossing e-Reader card
#210 Tutu - Series 4
Gender: Female
Clothes: Heart Shirt
Sign: Virgo
Phrase: twinkles
Password: brhzJ8SqNEumI&
Animal Crossing-e 4-210 (Tutu).jpg
209 Vesta Animal Crossing e-Reader cards
#210 Tutu
211 Biskit

amiibo card[edit]

amiibo card
#061 Tutu - Series 1
Star sign: Virgo
Birthday: September 15
Dice value: 1
Hand sign: Scissors
061 Tutu amiibo card NA.png
060 Samson List of amiibo cards
#061 Tutu
062 T-Bone


Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese れんにゅう
Means "condensed milk," likely in reference to her milk-white fur

Korean 연유
Condensed milk

Simplified Chinese 奶蛋 (iQue)
Nǎi dàn
Milk Egg

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
恋恋 / 戀戀
Liàn liàn

Russian Туту
From English name

Dutch Tutu Same as English name

German Mandy From Amanda, which means "worthy of being loved"

European Spanish Tutú From English name

European French Tutu Same as English name

Italian Lola sadness

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  1. Called Heart Shirt prior to New Leaf and Heart Tee prior to New Horizons