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For the villager whose Japanese name is Wendy, see Frita. For French, see Paula.

Type of Sheep villager Wendy shp09
Artwork of Wendy the Sheep
Species Personality Gender
Sheep Peppy Female
Birthday August 15th Leo
Favorite saying "Every cloud has a silver lining."
Catchphrase "lambkins"
Clothing Watermelon Dress[nb 1]
Main appearances
Other appearances
Names in other languages
 みぞれ[nb 2]
 눈송이[nb 5]
 雪花[nb 3]
 雪花[nb 4]
 Венди[nb 6]
Phrase in other languages

Wendy is a peppy sheep villager in the Animal Crossing series. She first appeared in Animal Crossing: City Folk and has appeared in all subsequent games. She is the only peppy sheep in the series. Her name may come from the word "windy," due to her weather-related quote, and her wool and horns resembling a dark cloud with lightning bolts. Likewise, her Japanese name means "sleet."

In New Horizons, Wendy has the fashion hobby and may be seen wearing a pink purse with a white flower on it, as well as a specific headwear or accessory item.



Artwork of Wendy from City Folk.

Wendy is a brown sheep with light blue wool, with deep, richer blue on top of her head. She wears pink blush and has dark brown hooves. Her horns are yellow and she has buck teeth. Her appearance strongly resembles that of Stella, a normal villager of the same species.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.

As a peppy villager, she will appear excited and cheerful when talking to the player and other villagers. If you see her outside, she will often tell the player she ate too much pie, and she needed to take a walk. She may get upset easily, but will soon forget the argument due to her short attention span. Like other peppy villagers, she dreams of becoming famous. When Wendy has an argument it may be due to other animals commenting that she does not have "star quality". She will soon get over it. She will not get along with snooty villagers but may also sometimes conflict with them due to their habit of spreading gossip. She will also get along with lazy, jock and smug villagers. Cranky villagers may have a hard time understanding Wendy, due to their different personalities and lifestyles. In New Leaf, she will go to sleep at 1:00 AM and wake up at 9:00 AM

Villager information[edit]

In City Folk[edit]

Birthday Personality Catchphrase
August 15 Leo Peppy lambkins
Default clothing Watermelon Shirt CF Model.png Watermelon Shirt
Default umbrella Gelato Umbrella CF Model.png Gelato Umbrella
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite clothing style Funky
Smallxmark.png Least favorite clothing style Cute
Favorite furniture styles Playful and Retro
Favorite furniture color
Favorite series Cabana Series

In New Leaf[edit]

Every cloud has a silver lining.



Birthday Personality Catchphrase
August 15 Leo Peppy lambkins
Default clothing Watermelon Tee NL Model.png Watermelon Tee
Default umbrella Gelato Umbrella NL Model.png Gelato Umbrella
Smallcheckmark.png Favorite style Flashy
Smallxmark.png Least favorite style Historical
Favorite color
Siblings Youngest of 3 kids
Skill Ventriloquism
Goal Violinist
Halloween fear Werewolf Hood NL Model.png Werewolf Hood
Coffee preferences
Type of beans Blend
Amount of milk The regular amount
Amount of sugar Two spoonfuls

In New Horizons[edit]

Every cloud has a silver lining.


Birthday Personality Catchphrase
August 15 Leo Peppy (B) lambkins
Default clothing Watermelon Dress NH Icon.png Watermelon Dress
Default umbrella Watermelon Umbrella NH Icon.png Watermelon Umbrella
Default phone  Default Phone Case (Red) NH Model.png  Red
Final phone  Phone Case (Checkered 1 - Fabric 2) NH Model.png  Checkered 1 - Fabric 2
Favorite styles Cool and Gorgeous
Favorite colors
Hobby Fashion
Carried bag Pink Bag NH Model.png Pink
Book Fashion Book Interior NH Texture.png Fashion
Food Sandwich Food NH Model.png Sandwich
Drink Smoothie or coffee cup Drink NH Model.png Smoothie or coffee cup
Popsicle Chocolate Popsicle NH Model.png Chocolate
Ideal clothing for Wendy – Red / Green Cool and Gorgeous clothing
Villagers prefer clothing that matches any one of their favorite colors or styles.
For brevity, the following list only shows clothing that matches both favorite colors and one favorite style.
Name Image Price Available from
After-School Jacket (Berry Red) After-School Jacket (Berry Red) NH Icon.png  1,050 Bells  Able Sisters
Chimayo Vest (Red) Chimayo Vest (Red) NH Icon.png  1,120 Bells  Mabel
 Able Sisters
Emblem Blazer (Green) Emblem Blazer (Green) NH Icon.png  1,960 Bells  Able Sisters
Fancy Kimono (Vermilion) Fancy Kimono (Vermilion) NH Icon.png  5,200 Bells  Able Sisters
Fancy Kimono (Green) Fancy Kimono (Green) NH Icon.png  5,200 Bells  Able Sisters
Junihitoe Kimono Junihitoe Kimono NH Icon.png  7,000 Bells  Able Sisters
Prince's Tunic (Green) Prince's Tunic (Green) NH Icon.png  4,800 Bells  Able Sisters
Silk Hat (Green) Silk Hat (Green) NH Icon.png Not for sale  Gulliver
Steampunk Hat (Green) Steampunk Hat (Green) NH Icon.png  1,320 Bells  Able Sisters
 Apparel shop
More Red Items
More Green Items
More Cool Items
More Gorgeous Items

In Happy Home Paradise[edit]

Thought bubble I wanna get my pals around the kotatsu for a party!
Client's vision Warm Winter Den
Required items Kotatsu
Japanese Dresser
Moss Ball
Favorite song  K.K. Folk
Unlocked items
Other items:


In City Folk[edit]

Interior of Wendy's house in Animal Crossing: City Folk
 Hi-Fi Stereo  Picnic Table
 Hammock  Clothesline Pole
 Shave-Ice Maker  Melon Chair
 Surfboard  Watermelon Chair
 Weeping Fig
Wall:  Backyard Fence
Floor:  Backyard Lawn
Music: K.K. Bossa

In New Leaf[edit]

Exterior of Wendy's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Interior of Wendy's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
 Watermelon Table  Pineapple Bed
 Ice-Cream Case  Cupid Bench (x2)
 Grapefruit Table  Retro Fridge
 Kiwi Stool (x2)  Soft-Serve Lamp
 Shaved-Ice Maker  Juicy-Apple Clock
Wall:  Lunar Horizon
Floor:  Ski-Slope Floor
Music:  K.K. Bossa [nb 7]

In New Horizons[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if Wendy is one of the villagers who moved in during the main storyline after the villager house development quest, her house will have a combination of non-craftable furniture, plus items crafted by players during the island development storyline, primarily from the Wooden Block Series.

Exterior of Wendy's house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Interior of Wendy's house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Shape: House shape #1
Roof:  Blue Striped Roof
Siding:  Simple Yellow-Brick Trim
Door:  Deep-Green Simple Door
Wall:  Snowflake Wall
Floor:  Simple White Flooring
Music:  Space K.K.

Other appearances[edit]

In Happy Home Designer[edit]

Happy Home Designer client information
Example of Wendy's Happy Home Designer house
Official example
Wendy's Happy Home Designer icon
Every cloud has a silver lining.
Thought bubble I want to live in a cool club where I can mix music like a super-hip DJ!
Client's vision A place to spin records.
Required items DJ's Turntable
Sound Mixer
Record Box
Favorite song  K.K. House
Unlocked items
  •  Record Box
  •  DJ's Turntable
  •  Sound Mixer
  •  Amp
  •  Big Amp
  •  K.K. House
  •  Wendy's Pic
  •  Wall-Mounted Speaker
  • Interior:
  •  White Tile Wall
  •  Monochrome Floor
  • Clothing:
  •  Watermelon Tee
  •  Reggae Tee
  •  U-R-Here Tee
  •  U-R-Here Dress
  •  DJ Cap
  •  Afro Cap
  •  Afro Wig
  •  Ladder Shades
  •  Gelato Umbrella
  • Starting house: Default exterior of Wendy's house in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    In Pocket Camp[edit]

    Wendy was added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on May 1, 2018.[1]

    Every cloud has a silver lining.


    Birthday Personality Catchphrase
    August 15 Leo Peppy lambkins
    Default clothing Watermelon Tee PC Icon.png Watermelon Tee
    Description If you can't get your wool the way you want it, cut it all off and try again. That's how Wendy lives, and it's never sheared her wrong to date.
    Preferred theme PC Banner - Hip.png
    Primary reward Paper PC Icon.png Paper
    Version added 1.4.1
    Date unlocked May 1, 2018
    How to invite Required Friendship Level: 3

    Soft-Serve Lamp PC Icon.png Soft-Serve Lamp
    Kiwi Stool PC Icon.png Kiwi Stool
    Tangerine Chair PC Icon.pngTangerine Chair
    Citrus Rug PC Icon.pngCitrus Rug
    Grapefruit Table PC Icon.pngGrapefruit Table

    Friendship rewards
    Level 7 Watermelon Tee PC Icon.png Watermelon Tee
    Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png Sparkle Stone
    Level 9 Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png Sparkle Stone
    Level 15 Crafting request:
    Ice-Cream Case PC Icon.png Ice-Cream Case
    Level 20 Wendy's Pic PC Icon.png Wendy‎‎'s Pic
    Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png Sparkle Stone
    Level 25[nb 9] Sparkle Stones PC Icon.png Sparkle Stone
    Related items for Wendy
    Scrapbook Memory appearances
    Name Image Required?
    There's a Pirate Ship?! There's a pirate ship! PC.png No
    Wendy's Winter Picnic Wendy's Winter Picnic PC.png No

    Card profiles[edit]

    amiibo card[edit]

    152 Wendy amiibo card NA.png

    Card back

    Amiibo card back.png

    #152 Wendy - Series 2
    Star sign: Leo
    Birthday: August 15
    Dice value: 1
    Hand sign: Paper


    Names in other languages[edit]

    Japanese みぞれ

    Korean 눈송이

    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese
    雪花 / 雪花
    Xuě Huā

    Russian Венди
    Same as English name

    Dutch Wendy Same as English name

    German Wolli From the English word, "wooly"

    European Spanish Franela Flannel (soft fabric)

    European French Karen -

    Italian Agnola From agnello, Italian for "lamb"

    See also[edit]


    1. Called Watermelon Shirt in City Folk and Watermelon Tee in New Leaf
    2. Mizore
    3. Xuě Huā
    4. Xuě Huā
    5. Nunsong-i
    6. Vendi
    7. Does not contain a stereo initially
    8. Only appears during winter
    9. Repeats for level 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60


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