Space K.K.

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Space K.K.
Game(s) Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Mood Hard to say
Owned by Bertha,
Order number 79

"Space K.K." (ミニマルおんがく, Minimal Music) is a K.K. Slider song first introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The cover depicts the word 'minimal' on top of nine frames containing pictures of K.K. Slider, which are all the same except for a picture in the bottom left of the cover, with his eyes closed. The cover art may be a reference to the cover of the Beatles' "A Hard Days Night". Eunice, Marshal, Flo and Bertha will have this song playing in their homes. The song's Japanese name, translating to 'Minimal Music', is a reference to a '60's-originated style of American music.