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The layout of the town tune. Given its simplistic nature, there are no sharps or flats on normal notes.

The Town Tune, known as the Island Tune in New Horizons, is a small melody that in various places throughout town. The player can customise the melody to their liking; it can be between 1-to-16 notes, and there is the option to play a random sharp or flat note.

The town tune is present in every single mainline Animal Crossing series game as well as Happy Home Designer, though it is not able to be customized in the latter game.

In the games[edit]

The town tune will play in the following situations:

  • Whenever the player talks to a villager or special character. Each character plays a unique variation of the town tune with instruments and timing that reflect their personality.
  • When the clock tower bell rings, the chime of the bells will follow the town tune sequence.
  • Whenever the player opens a door a rapid sped-up chime version of the town tune will play.
  • Prior to New Leaf, the town tune can be played whenever the player interacts with an instrument. The tune will be played at the same speed as any music playing in the room.

The method of changing the town tune differs between the games. In Animal Crossing, players can change the town tune by interacting with the Melody Board outside of the Post Office. In Wild World and City Folk, the player can change the town tune by talking to Pelly or Phyllis at the Civic Center in the Town Hall. In New Leaf and New Horizons, the player can change the town tune by talking to Isabelle in the Town Hall or Resident Services in the case of New Horizons.

In Animal Crossing, villagers will occasionally ask the player to change the town tune. They'll describe the Melody Board as "the board with the little froggies on it."


Default town tunes[edit]

These are the default melodies for the town tune throughout the series. Each game features a variation of the same basic tune.

e-Card Town Tunes[edit]

These tunes can be found on the back of music cards in each Animal Crossing-e series. Each one is based on a song by K.K. Slider.