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This page contains instructions which may result in unexpected in-game effects.
Please proceed with caution when following directions from this page, and be aware that saving the game can make undesired effects permanent. Nookipedia is not responsible for any damage that may occur to games as a result of this information.
Wisp PC icon.png
This page contains instructions which may result in unexpected in-game effects.
Please proceed with caution when following directions from this page, and be aware that saving the game can make undesired effects permanent. Nookipedia is not responsible for any damage that may occur to games as a result of this information.

A glitch is a program error or a problem in a game. It usually happens when something in a game behaves differently than what the programmers intended. Usually, glitches are harmless, but some kinds can delete stored data. When a glitch occurs, the screen may turn blank or different colors will pop up, strange sounds appear, or the game will freeze or crash.

Most of the glitches in the Animal Crossing series are not harmful. As an example, one of the glitches, as demonstrated in a posted video, is harmless and can actually make the player's house look better. It can be quite useful, but does not add to the HRA score. Some are merely humorous; another glitch, as found in Animal Crossing, allows the player to walk on top of surfaces such as tables.

Sometimes, players will encounter a glitch on their own while playing normally. It is very rare for it to happen, but this may cause things like a villager standing on top of the roof of their house, Gracie having a house, the player being able to walk into the sea, beta fish appear, and so on. This could be a result of a player hacking their game, a faulty game, or just a random glitch.

List of glitches[edit]

Note that glitch names are conjectural unless otherwise stated.

Animal Crossing[edit]

Miniature Tree Glitch[edit]

The miniature tree glitch is a glitch found in Animal Crossing, whereupon for no apparent reason, a tree would stop growing. It has been hypothesized [1] that this is caused by a building growing or expanding to a point where there is no gap between said building and a tree. This can be further established by the fact that trees planted with no space between them and a building will wilt. It seems that there is no 'wilted' stage for stages 2, 3, and 4 of tree growth, causing the tree to merely stop growing instead of dying. The disadvantage of this glitch is that it prevents fruit growth on said tree, potentially wasting the player at most 1,500 Bells every four days. Miniature trees count towards perfect town status, just as normal trees do.

The glitch is best observed near Tom Nook's store.

Walking on Water Glitch[edit]

This glitch occurs only in Animal Crossing. The player will have to go to the beach with a snowball big enough to make the player use its pushing animation. Then they will have to drop an item in front of the snowball and the snowball will fall, pushing the player into the sea. From there, the player can go to the Island without using Kapp'n's boat. The glitch was found by a YouTube user named Matthew Christopher.

Villager Turn Glitch[edit]

If a villager is fishing on the dock, and the player talks to the villager at a pixel-perfect spot, the villager will turn their head left and right forever unless the conversation is ended by the player.

Gyroid Face Glitch[edit]

The player must have a second memory card with another town on it and visit that town. Once there, they should press the reset button. The next time they load the game up, their face will now be that of a Gyroid. This is not permanent and goes away after the player saves or visits the town again. The only consequence is that whatever items the player took to the town will be gone.

Wild World[edit]

Town Bell Glitch[edit]

If the player saves the game when the town Bells are ringing, the Bells will continue ringing as the game is saving. This glitch was fixed in City Folk.

No Resetti Glitch[edit]

If one plays Wild World on the 3DS and hits the power button, then hits the home button, and gets back onto Animal Crossing: Wild World, Mr. Resetti will not appear. There is a similar glitch in Animal Crossing: City Folk. If the player does not save and Pete arrives with a letter from Nintendo, Resetti will not appear.

Birthday Freeze Glitch[edit]

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, during a villager's birthday party, the game may sometimes freeze after the player hands the villager a gift, forcing them to reset and see Mr Resetti. It is caused by a bad text code in the birthday script, and the glitch can affect any villager. It is rumored that the glitch does not occur on European copies of the game.[2]

Walking Through Tables Glitch[edit]

In some cases, if "DS to DS" mode is used to visit towns, and somebody is in another person's town the owner of the town can place certain objects on a table in their house (fruits, tools, seashells, etc.) by placing an object on the floor then onto the table. When the visitor(s) enter the house, the table is seen as invisible, with just the objects on the table, as on the ground. From the owner's point of view, the other players are standing at the table. If the visiting players enter another room then come back, the tables will be fixed.

Gulliver's UFO Glitch[edit]

This has been known to have happened on the 1.0 US version of Animal Crossing: Wild World. When the player has hit Gulliver's UFO out of the sky with the slingshot, the UFO will always be bound to crash land somewhere in the topmost signposts of the town. When some villager's house already occupies those signposts, the crash landing noise will be heard, but the screen will never fade out, and all the controls are unusable, which forces players to reset and see Resetti. Before knocking out Gulliver's UFO with the slingshot, players must always check if the signposts in the topmost area are not already occupied by a house.

No Sales Glitch[edit]

This glitch prevents sales, Point Specials and Spotlight Item events occurring at Tom Nook's store when there is only one human character in town. It appears to affect most game cartridges. Creating a second character will cure the glitch, even if it is deleted later.

De-synchronized Clock Glitches[edit]

If the time settings of the DS and in-game clock are not synchronized, many glitches will occur which are unfavorable for the player. Joan will never sell red turnip seeds, and it will become impossible to make a profit on white turnips because the prices will always be on the 'constantly decreasing' pattern at Nook's. Also, Gracie will never give out rare clothing no matter how much money the player gives her. It is also possible to have a stuck letter in the mail which prevents catalog ordering. These 'glitches' may actually be intentional side-effects implemented to discourage the player from time traveling. Synchronizing the two-time settings is the only way to resolve these issues.

Bell Glitch[edit]

This glitch can be used to earn infinite money in a short space of time. First, the player must have a furniture item that counts as a table, two Bell coins, and one Bell bag. The player should place one of the coins at home where the player is standing. Then, the player should place the other coin down in front and then quickly set the table on the coin. If done correctly, the coin will appear as if it is on top of the table, but it is actually underneath. Then, the player can place the Bell bag on top of the table, covering the coin. Next, the player must stand at the corner of the table and pick up the sack. The sack does not disappear. Then, the player must push the table one square across and pick up the sack again. This can easily be used to multiply 99,000 Bell sacks.

Turnip Glitch[edit]

For unknown reasons, Turnips placed in the Lost and Found or on a table will never spoil. This was fixed in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

City Folk[edit]

Lighthouse Glitch[edit]

The lighthouse glitch can be done only over Wi-Fi[3]. It allows the player to climb on top of the windmill and walk on it. It is possible for up to 4 people to get onto the lighthouse at a time. This glitch can also be performed with a windmill but was discovered with a lighthouse. The glitch is a result of an error in the programming that has space for a player to walk on top of the lighthouse.

Money Duplication Glitch[edit]

The money duplication glitch is a glitch found in Animal Crossing: City Folk. It allows the player to duplicate any amount of money, without time traveling or hacking/cheating. The glitch was discovered by a YouTube user named 8BITADDICTION[4]. In fact, the glitch works with any item, not just money.

Players first add money to duplicate to their pockets. Their pockets (including letter space) must be less than half full. Then, they should save the game and then travel to a friend's town. Once they are in town, they should drop all of the money on the floor (making sure the friend leaves the money alone.) Then, they should return to the gate and tell Copper that they wish to go home. When Copper says 'Understood! I will take care of that, of course! It will take just a brief moment!' and the W-Fi connection sound is heard (a high pitch short tune), players should press the HOME button on the Wii remote several times. When it works, they should press Reset.

After this, players should log in as their character with Rover. Once they exit the house, they should check pockets and see if their pockets are filled with the same amount of Bells that were dropped, over in the town of a friend. Then, they should go to said friend's town. All of the money, provided the glitch has worked correctly, will be on the floor where it is dropped.

Watering Can Glitch[edit]

If the player uses a Watering Can, presses the home button, then presses it again, the watering can will not produce a sound.

New Leaf[edit]

Tweeter Glitch[edit]

Also known as the throwing beans glitch

During Wi-Fi multiplayer, if a player blows a tweeter or uses Setsubun throwing beans while another is pushing them against the railroad track fence or a river, the player gets pushed through the fence and is able to walk on the railroad tracks or river. This glitch was patched in the Welcome amiibo update.

Stuck Villagers[edit]

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it is possible that villagers get stuck on the wall of the cliff, and they are walking in place. The player cannot interact with them. The problem fixes itself when the villagers are left alone.

Walking on Benches[edit]

If the player is sitting on a bench and has a mosquito hovering around them, using one of Dr. Shrunk's emotions and getting bit will cause the player to stand up and be able to walk on top of the bench and perform actions as would normally be done while on the ground.

Net Glitch[edit]

If the player equips the net, presses A and barely nudges the circle pad, they will move extremely slowly. If this is done near any kind of wall, the player will slowly merge with the wall and be able to move either on top of a building, swim if done by a cliff, get to the other side of the fence, or simply get out of bounds. If a player uses the net glitch to get into the sea, the game will behave as if they were wearing a wet suit, only the player will be wearing normal clothes. This glitch was patched in the Welcome amiibo update.

Fortune Cookie Glitch[edit]

If two players are in Timmy and Tommy's shop at the same time, and one of the players buys a fortune cookie, the other player may still see the fortune cookie on the counter as if it were never bought. This glitch lasts until the player exits and re-enters the store.

Ghost Bench[edit]

If a bench is under construction in the town (indicated by a marked construction area), villagers may sit in the construction zone before the bench is actually built.

Villagers Out of Bounds[edit]

If a celebration for a public works project takes place near the edge of the map, some villagers may appear outside of the map (on a cliff, in the sea, etc.) during the celebration.

Sapling Digging[edit]

If a sapling is placed on the very edge of the beach (next to the water), it cannot be dug up, even after it dies.

Underworld Bug Catch[edit]

The player must first use the net glitch or the tweeter glitch to get onto the train tracks, and then off the backside of the bridge and off the back of the area with water to get 'underground'. Then the player should search the beach for any bugs, using A to see above ground. If the player finds a bug and catches it, they can then continue pressing A to continually catch the same bug over and over, until their pockets are full. This only works on the beach. To leave, the player must save & continue.

Merging With Villagers[edit]

First of all, a villager must be trapped north of any horizontal river by digging holes left, right, and behind the villager. Next, using the net glitch, the player must get into the river and stand 1 block south of the villager. Next, press Start and Save & Continue. The player and the villager end up standing on the same piece of land, and the villager can still be talked to by pressing A while facing away from the villager. To undo the glitch, remove one of the holes by pressing Y. The player and the villager will then slowly drift apart.

No Music[edit]

If the player takes Katie into the Train Station, waits until 6 AM the next morning, and goes outside, Katie should follow. So long as Katie is following the player, no music will play. The glitch ends when Katie is separated from the player, from straying too far from the player, the player trying to enter buildings, etc. The player will reappear outside their house and the next day will start as normal.

Heavy Snow canceled out by Fishing Tourney[edit]

In New Leaf, if December 10th falls on a Saturday, it will not snow because of it conflicting with the Fishing Tourney. However, snow will appear on the ground the next day.

Bank Reset[edit]

In the Welcome amiibo update, if a second save file has Bells in their bank account when the town is sold to Tom Nook when the second save file is remade in the new town, they will have still have those Bells in their account. The second save file can then be repeatedly deleted and remade and the Bells in their bank account will continue to reset, even if they were withdrawn in a previous iteration.

Pocket Camp[edit]

Lost Lure Creek Crash[edit]

Multiple users with iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 have reported the game freezing and causing their device to restart on repeated occasions. The glitch appears to happen during the animation when catching fish or talking to a villager at Lost Lure Creek. The glitch was reportedly claimed to be related to the user's "internet connection status during high server access"[5]. As of the moment, there is no long-term solution to the glitch, and the only way to prevent loss of progress during such crashes is routinely revisiting one's camper, completing requests, or catching rare fish--actions which auto-save the player's progress.

New Horizons[edit]

Item Cloning Glitch[edit]

In the initial release of the game, it was possible for players to clone many different items by exploiting a race condition[6]. This was first publicly demonstrated on a YouTube video, now deleted, by user account 'GameXplain'. [7]

The setup for the glitch starts with two players on the same island standing next to a piece of furniture with an item placed on top of it. The first player rotates the furniture while the other player simultaneously picks up the item. This will cause the item to remain on the furniture while also being copied into the other player's inventory.

This glitch was patched in version 1.1.1[8].

DIY Recipe Crash[edit]

When the player learns a new recipe, sometimes there is a chance that the game will crash for unknown reasons.

Out of Bounds Glitch[edit]

This glitch involves the player to go out of bounds. The player will be able to go to various places like the top of the building, into the river, and into the ocean.