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WiiConnect24 is a defunct online service for the Wii that allowed the console to remain connected to the Internet when in standby mode. Launched alongside the Wii in November 2006, WiiConnect24 was used in various games, including Animal Crossing: City Folk. The service was discontinued on June 27, 2013.[1]

In Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

Animal Crossing: City Folk used WiiConnect24 to allow a player to send letters to another player without the receiving player needing to be present in the game. It was also used to distribute items and designs to players for set periods of time from 2008 to 2012.

Before WiiConnect24 features could be used by Animal Crossing: City Folk, they would have to be activated in-game. On the player's first trip to the city, Rover appears in the bus and asks them if they would like to activate WiiConnect24. After this, the player can choose to turn the feature on or off by contacting Rover via the phone in their attic. Following the termination of the service in 2013, these settings have no effect.

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