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WiiConnect24 is a Wii-only feature (discontinued since June 28, 2013) that allows the Wii console to be connected to the internet (and Nintendo) all the time, even in stand-by mode. It is what allows Distributed Items in Animal Crossing: City Folk to be downloaded and given to the player in-game, by Pete, Wendell, or other special characters.

Activating WiiConnect24[edit]

WiiConnect24 needs activating on both the Nintendo Console and the Animal Crossing: City Folk game. This is done by doing the following:

Wii System settings[edit]

  1. First, players can choose Wii Options, which is located at the bottom-left of the Wii Menu screen.
  2. Once in the Wii Options menu, players can go to Wii Settings. On page 2, WiiConect24 is at the bottom.
  3. Players may need to enter a 4-digit password.
  4. Once players have entered the password and have entered the menu, they should go to WiiConnect24 and select On.

When players have completed this process, they are now connected to the internet and will receive messages from Nintendo on the Message Board. They will not get letters in City Folk quite yet though; the settings still need to be applied in-game.


Once players have loaded the game, they can go to the phone in the attic of their house and use it. Rover talks to them. Then, they should select WiiConnect24. He will then tell the player the settings. If it is not already on, players should select Turn it on. If not, then they select Keep them on! Nintendo can now send the players distributed items.


Nintendo announced terminating the WiiConnect24 service on June 28, 2013 globally. This means that these and other features in Animal Crossing: City Folk will no longer function. Players were still able to connect to Nintendo WFC to visit towns of other players, though they would not be able to send letters to them while in a different town, until the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service was shut off on May 20, 2014.