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The attic is the location the player can visit to save the game. The attic is on the top floor of the house and only consists of a bed and a telephone, used to change game settings. It only appears in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, where in the former games all the towns residents can be viewed at once due to all of them sharing one house. No furniture, wallpaper, or floors can be changed in the attic.

A player can change his or her bed in the attic by pressing A at the bottom of the bed, and then selecting a bed from his or her pockets. This will replace the original bed, which will then be placed in the player's inventory/pockets. Players may place both single and double beds. Even if the player places a bed elsewhere in the house, only the bed in your attic can be used to save the game. Sleeping in the bed in the attic is not the only way to save the game. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the Start button can be pressed to save the game, and in Animal Crossing: City Folk there is a Save button located in the top right corner if the screen.

The settings that may be changed in the attic include the option of Animalese, Bebebese, or Silence for the dialect; changing of the house flag (once the player's mortgage has been paid off in Animal Crossing: City Folk); and the possibility for Blanca to come to town. Wisp the ghost will also appear in the attic when the player needs to give him his lamp.