The Marquee

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The Marquee CF Logo.png
The Marquee
Outside the Marquee
Inside the Marquee's theater.
Service Unknown
Services Emotions
Opening hours 10 AM to 11 PM
Appearances Animal Crossing: City Folk

The Marquee is a building in the city in Animal Crossing: City Folk. For 800 Bells, the player can go and see Dr. Shrunk for a show to learn new emotions. This is a change from Animal Crossing: Wild World, Dr. Shrunk taught the player emotions in their town.

The player must speak with the clerk before entering the theater where the shows are held. Inside the marquee, there may be some villagers who are waiting to watch the show. Upon talking to them, they will tell the player about their expectations and views on Dr. Shrunk and Frillard, as well as the marquee in general. After being seated, the emcee will announce the show. Katsuya Eguchi claimed in an interview that the marquee would be a means of interacting with other villagers that do not live in the player's town.

Special Visitors[edit]

Rarely, an older lizard named Frillard will perform a show instead of Dr. Shrunk and will teach the player emotions that cannot be learned from Dr. Shrunk.



  • Some cranky villagers state that Saharah used to do stand-up in the Marquee, without an accent.