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Rover telling the player about transferring over data from Wild World

The Moving Van is an option in Animal Crossing: City Folk that allows the player to transfer over a player character from Animal Crossing: Wild World instead of creating a new one.

When selecting the "Move from the DS!" option from Rover, the game sends the Moving Van program to a Nintendo DS via DS Download Play, and running the program while a Wild World Game Card is inserted in the DS sends the player data to City Folk. The Wild World Game Card must be of the same region as the copy of City Folk.

When a Wild World character is transferred, the new City Folk character will retain the player's name, eyes, face, and hairstyle; as a result, Rover does not ask any questions on the bus. The player being transferred can have the same name as another player in town, which is normally not possible. Most furniture, wallpaper, flooring, tops, accessories/headgear, umbrellas, and stationery in the catalog are transferred from Animal Crossing: Wild World via the Moving Van. Items that cannot be reordered from the catalog in City Folk are not transferred over; since no fossils or gyroids are reorderable, none are transferred. Additionally, any items in the player's inventory, any clothing they were wearing, their bug and fish encyclopedias, and their savings account are not transferred via the Moving Van.

The miniature car, birthday card, and four-leaf paper are only obtainable in City Folk through the catalog after a transfer has been made. If the player has a nurse's uniform in their Wild World catalog, the doctor's coat becomes cataloged in City Folk.

Changed dialog[edit]

When the player meets Tortimer, he and Pelly have different dialog if they moved in via the Moving Van:

Moving Van dialog Normal dialog
Eh?! You! I've seen you somewhere...

Didn't I meet you like this sometime in front of the town hall? Then this must be... This must be déjà vu!

Don't be silly, Mr. Mayor!

This is our newest resident, <player>!

Pfft, is that all? Well... I never heard anything about that... But memory is a slippery beast. Anyhoo, I am the mayor of <town>, Tortimer!

You! Whippersnapper! Who are you? And while I'm asking questions, what is your favorite animal? [...]

Yes... Er, what were we talking about again?

Ahem! Um, Mr. Mayor...

That's our newest resident, <player>!

...What's that?! Ah...come to think of it, I did hear something about that... Or did I? Who can remember? Anyhoo, I am the mayor of <town>, Tortimer!

Additionally, when the player meets Mr. Resetti, he has different dialog if they moved in via the Moving Van:

Moving Van dialog Normal dialog
You... You and me ain't met before? Yeah, whatever.

So, yeah, lemme see... The manual says I gotta thank ya for buyin' Animal Crossing: Wild World. Played ya some DS, huh? Nice. So, uh, thanks for gettin' Animal Crossing: City Folk, too. Solid work. On behalf of everyone at Nintendo, I... Uh...

I... I... Think, mole, THINK! What's the middle part? Uh...

Aw, forget all that! I'm done wastin' time!

Uh, yeah, so anyway, this is Animal Crossing: City Folk. Thanks for pickin' it up. Appreciate the support. So, on behalf of everyone at Nintendo, I... Uh...

Yeah... So... I mean, I, uh...

Aw, forget all that! I'm done wastin' time!


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