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A letter is a way to communicate in the Animal Crossing series. Players have the ability to write, send and receive letters from villagers and other players.

Sending letters[edit]

Before Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

To send a letter, the player must first obtain some stationery, which is sold in packs of four at Tom Nook's store (or Timmy and Tommy's store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf) for 160 Bells. After the stationery is obtained and then selected in the player's inventory, the player must then choose the 'Write Letter' option. After the player has selected the recipient, the letter may now be composed. In Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, each letter has six lines to write on, whereas a letter in Animal Crossing: Wild World has only four. The lines containing the writer's name and the receiver's name can also be edited, but the recipient's name cannot be removed.

Once the letter has been written, the player is then given a complete view of the letter to allow for proofreading. Once accepted, the letter then appears in the mail section of the player's inventory. From there, it can be re-addressed, deleted, re-written or have a gift attached to it. All items except fish, bugs and turnips can be sent as a gift.

Once the player is satisfied with the letter, it must then be taken to the Post Office (Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: New Leaf) or the town hall (Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk) to be sent for delivery. In Animal Crossing, when all five letters are sent in one go (the max that the post office can hold at one time), Pete the mailman can be seen flying into the air when the player leaves the building. After he has flown off, the post office is empty, and the player can again send a maximum of five letters.

In New Horizons[edit]

Pete, the Post Office, and purchasable stationery do not appear in New Horizons; instead, Orville allows the player to get a letter from the airport card stand and immediately send it to a chosen recipient without first storing it in the player's inventory. The delivery fee is 200 Bells. The card stand letters have varying designs much like the stationery of previous games, and some are cycled in and out per season; these display the date after which the design will no longer be available. The player is limited to sending a maximum of 100 letters to villagers and 40 to other human residents in a single day, after which Orville mentions that he is getting overwhelmed, and will not accept any more until the following day.



Available recipients include the following:

  • The player's future self at a given date and time, starting with Wild World. The player cannot have multiple "future letters" pending, and when attempting to write one, they will be asked if they want to delete an already written one.
  • Villagers and other players living in the town.
  • Player's friends in City Folk and New Horizons.
  • When a player is visiting another town, the residents of said town in New Leaf.
  • Farway Museum in Animal Crossing only, to whom fossils must be sent for identification.

Receiving letters[edit]

A letter by Kiki

Letters are always replied to by villagers. Letters can be received from all manner of animals, some as a result of special events. Here is a list of characters that send letters to the player:

  • Other players.
  • Villagers - Usually in reply to a sent letter, when moving out of the town, wishing the player a happy birthday, or inviting them to a birthday party (Animal Crossing: Wild World only).
  • Other towns; Villagers (while in another town) - Usually asking if the player had a good time in the other town and telling the player to visit again.
  • Farway Museum (Animal Crossing only) - Returning the fossil sent, explaining what it is.
  • The player's parents - Usually only the player's mother writes at the beginning of each season or for the player's birthday. The player's father writes only on Father's Day. The parents wish the player a happy solo adventure as the mayor (Animal Crossing: New Leaf only).
  • The Happy Room Academy - Every week a letter is sent to the player containing an evaluation of the player's house with a score, unless the player has told Lyle to stop sending letters (Animal Crossing: City Folk only). In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a letter is sent along with a prize when the player reaches a certain number of points.
  • The Savings Account or Automatic Bell Dispenser - A letter is sent every month notifying the player about how many Bells they have earned in interest. A letter is also sent whenever the player reaches a set amount of Bells, along with a present for reaching that amount.
  • Special Characters - Usually to advertise events. For example, Jack sends a letter to the player at the start of October about Halloween, telling them to stock up on candy.


Letters have a present attached only if one is sent to the recipient.

Depending on how many lines players write a neighbor, they can give them different items in return. For example, if players give them a piece of fruit and write them a one line long letter, they will give the player a piece of fruit back. This can be any type of fruit.

Other appearances[edit]

In the Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

The Super Smash Bros. invitation was originally a nod to the Animal Crossing series and is present in Villager's and Isabelle's trailer. As such, the invitation's design bears a heavy resemblance to the letter icons of the Animal Crossing games.

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