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Special Characters are non-Villager characters that fulfil a variety of functions, including owning or running various establishments, hosting events or providing access to exclusive items.


These characters are all employed by the town to look after various civic functions.

Government Employees
Name Image Location Description
Blathers Blathers AF.png Museum Curates the museum's exhibits
Booker Booker NLa.png Police Station DnM,AC,DnMe+,NL, Town Gate WW,CF Runs the Lost and Found
Celeste Celeste AF.png Museum WW,CF, NL
Wandering the island on random nightsNH
Runs the Observatory WW,CF or the Museum Shop NL, tells the player about wishing upon shooting stars and gives them the DIY recipe for a Star Wand NH
Copper Copper NLa.png Police Station DnM,AC,DnMe+,NL, Town Gate WW,CF Information and Aerobics DnM,AC,DnMe+, Multiplayer Support WW,CF, Lost and Found NL
Gyroid Gyroid PG.png Next to House DnM,AC,DnMe+ Save game, set messages, store items
Isabelle Isabelle NH.png Town Hall NL
Resident Services NH
Secretary, event coordinator
Orville Orville NH.png Airport Works at the airport, providing functions such as allowing the player to send mail to a resident of the island or friend.
Pelly Pelly NLa.png Post Office Works the day shift in the Post Office
Pete Pete NLa.png In town Mail Delivery
Phyllis Phyllis NLa.png Post Office Works the night shift in the Post Office
Porter Porter NLa.png Train Station DnM,AC,DnMe+,NL Multiplayer Support
Tortimer Tortimer NLa.png Wishing Well AC,DnMe+, Town Hall WW,CF, Tortimer Island NL Mayor AC,DnMe+,WW,CF, Island Tour Host NL
Wilbur Wilbur NH.png Airport Pilot for multiplayer and hosting mystery tours.


These characters own or run the various businesses in town.

Name Image Location Description
Beppe Beppe PC.png OK Motors Camper customization in Pocket Camp
Brewster Brewster NLa.png The Roost WW,CF, The Roost Café NL Barista, gyroid storage CF
Carlo Carlo PC.png OK Motors Camper customization in Pocket Camp
Cyrus Cyrus AF.png Re-Tail Furniture customization
Digby Digby AF.png Happy Home Showcase Grants access to houses and players via Streetpass.
Dr. Shrunk Shrunk NLa.png Randomly in town WW, The MarqueeCF, Club LOL NL Teaches Emotions
Frillard Frillard CF.png The Marquee CF (rare) Teaches Emotions
Giovanni Giovanni PC.png OK Motors Camper customization in Pocket Camp
Gracie Gracie NLa.png In Town all except CF, GracieGrace CF,NL Exclusive clothing, Fashion Check NL, exclusive furniture CF,NL
Harriet Harriet NLa.png Shampoodle Hair stylist and makeup artist
Harvey Harvey NL.png Campground Sells exclusive furniture for MEOW Coupons
Katrina Katrina NLa.png In Town DnM,AC,DnMe+,NL, Fortune Shop CF,NL Fortune teller and luck influencer
Kicks Kicks AF.png City CF, Kicks (shop) NL Shoe shining CF, shoe and sock seller NL
Label* Labelle NLa.png GracieGrace CF, Able Sisters NL Clerk for Gracie CF, sells hats and accessories NL
Leif Leif NLa.png Garden Center Sells plants, flowers and gardening tools, hosts weeding day, helps if town is overgrown
Lloid Lloid NL.png Auction House CF, Various NL, NH Auctioneer CF, PWP fund raising and tool lending NL, Island construction fund raising NH
Luna Luna NLa.png Dream Suite Access to dream towns
Lyle Lyle NLa.png In town WW, Happy Room Academy CF, Nook's Homes NL Dodgy insurance WW, HRA/HHA rep CF,NL
Lottie Lottie AF.png Nook's Homes Furniture moving tutorial. She is also a main character in Happy Home Designer
Mabel Mabel AF.png Able Sisters (all),
Visiting on a random weekday as well as Saturday/Sunday NH
Sells clothing
Redd Redd NLa.png Crazy Redd's Sells black market goods, including fakes.
Reese Reese AF.png Re-Tail Buys items from the player or puts them up for sale in the shop.
Rover Rover AF.png On way into town Player set up
Sable Sable NLa.png Able Sisters QR codes NL
Timmy and Tommy Timmy & Tommy NH.png Nookington's DnM,AC,DnMe+,WW,CF, Timmy and Tommy's store NL
Resident Services and Nook's CrannyNH
Main town store
Tom Nook Tom Nook NH.png Tom Nook's store AC,DnMe+,WW,CF, Nook's Homes NL
Resident ServicesNH
Mortages (all games), main town store AC,DnMe+,WW,CF, housing exteriors NL,NH
Tutorials, announcements, and construction-based island functionsNH


These characters all live and work on Tortimer Island.

Name Image Location Description
Grams Grams NLa.png Gift Shop Sells items for medals
Kapp'n Kappn AF.png Ferry Operator Transports the player to and from the island (Previously also player setup WW
Leila Leila NLa.png Gift Shop Buys items from the player for 5% of their usual value.
Leilani Leilani NLa.png Gift Shop Runs Island Tours.
Lloid Lloid NL.png Island Tours Lends equipment to the player for use while they are on the island or in the tours
Tortimer Tortimer NLa.png Island Tours Hosts the Island Tours. Also see Government for his other roles.

Holiday Visitors[edit]

Holiday Visitors arrive in town on specific dates and host events.

Holiday Visitors
Name Image Event Description
Cornimer Cornimer WW.png Acorn Festival WW Trades acorns for items from the Mushroom Series.
Franklin Franklin NLa.png Harvest Festival Provides items from the Harvest Series in return for help saving him from being dinner until New Leaf in which he provides exclusive items if they player helps him cook a feast.
Jack Jack NLa.png Halloween Provides items from the Spooky Series and Creepy Theme depending on the game.
Jingle Jingle NLa.png Toy Day Provides items from the Jingle Series prior to New Leaf in which he gives out festive themed items instead.
Pavé Pave NLa.png Festivale Provides items from the Pavé Series.
Zipper T. Bunny Zipper NLa.png Bunny Day Provides items from the Egg Series.

Regular Visitors[edit]

Regular visitors turn up in town randomly, during repeating events or when certain criteria are met.

Regular Visitors
Name Image Location Description
Blanca Blanca NLa.png Random Visitor AC,DnMe+,WW,CF, April Fool's Day NL Requires the player to draw her a new face AC,DnMe+,WW,CF, disguises herself as villagers to prank the player on April Fool's Day NL
Chip Chip NLa.png Fishing Tourney DnM, AC, DnMe+, CF, NL Judges the Fishing Tourney between Doubutsu no Mori and New Leaf (except for Wild World), and provides prizes.
C.J. C.J. NH.png Fishing Tourney NH Judges the Fishing Tourney in New Horizons and provides prizes.
Daisy Mae Daisy Mae NH.png Sunday Mornings NH Sells Turnips in New Horizons.
Don Resetti Don NLa.png Game reset Appears rarely when the player resets the game and will sometimes be present in the Resetti Surveillance Center.
Gulliver Gulliver NLa.png Random Visitor Washes up on the shore except in WW and CF, in which he can be shot down while piloting a UFO. Provides the player with rare items from countries around the world.
Farley Farley PG.png Perfect TownAC,DnMe+ Appears in the fountain and provides a golden axe to the player.
Flick Flick NH.png Bug Off NH Judges the Bug Off in New Horizons
Joan Joan NLa.png Sunday Mornings DnM, AC, DnMe+, WW, CF, NL Sells turnips in games between Doubutsu no Mori and New Leaf.
Kaitlin Kaitlin WW.png Random VisitorWW,CF Appears randomly in towns that have connected to Wi-Fi at some point requesting help reuniting with her daughter Katie.
Katie Katie NLa.png Random VisitorWW,CF,NL Appears randomly in towns that have connected to Wi-Fi. In Wild World and City Folk she will request help reuniting with her mother but in New Leaf she is exploring the world and requests the player to take her to a new town.
K.K. Slider K.K. Slider AF - alt.png Saturday evening (all), every evening NL Plays music and provides songs to the player during his Saturday sets, also DJs at Club LOL during the week in New Leaf.
Mr. Resetti Resetti AF.png Game reset Appears when the player resets the game. Optional in New Leaf
Nat Nat NLa.png Bug Off CF, NL Judges the Bug Off in City Folk and New Leaf
Pascal Pascal NLa.png Random Visitor WW,CF, on catching the first scallop of the day NL Trades scallops for exclusive ship themed items
Phineas Phineas NLa.png Reasonable weather, badge criteria met Gives out badges
Serena Serena CF.png Fountain goddess in City Folk Will trade axes for nothing, other axes, silver axes and golden axes fairly randomly.
Saharah Saharah NLa.png Random Visitor Provides exclusive wallpapers, carpets, and rugs in return for items, bells or services depending on the game.
Snow People SnowPeople.png Built during winter Pre-New Leaf provided items from Snowman Series, then additionally Ice Series, Winter Sports Set and other exclusive items
Wendell Wendell NLa.png Random VisitorDnM,AC,DnMe+,WW,CF, Dreams NL Wallpaper DnM,AC,DnMe+, unique designs WW,CF, designs shares by other player in dreams NL
Wishy Wishy Letter WW.jpg Clear nights and meteor showersWW,NL If wished on sends the player a piece of rare furniture.
Wisp Wisp NL.png Semi-Random Visitor AC,DnMe+,CF,NH, Random then player summoned NL Grants wishes in return for services AC,DnMe+,CF or items NH, Found randomly in town in a lamp and can then be used each day to use amiibo figures and cards NL
Yellow bird Yellow Bird CF.jpg Bulletin Board when new news is available CF,NL, NH Indicates when there is a new item on the bulletin board. Replaced with an owl during the night.