Rescue Service

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Icon for the Rescue Service app on the Nook Phone

Rescue Service is an app on the NookPhone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that the player can use to quickly travel to a different point of the island, which may be necessary if stuck between objects or lost. Each rescue costs 100 Nook Miles, but if the player does not have enough Nook Miles to cover the fee, they will be transported to a random location for free.

Calling the Rescue Service will connect the player to the Operator, who gives them a choice of where to go: the Plaza, the Airport, Nook's Cranny (provided it has been constructed), or the player's home. Once the player has been transported to their chosen destination, the Operator will give the player some advice and say goodbye.

The Rescue Service cannot be used indoors or on Mystery Island Tours, unless the player is on the May Day tour. For this tour only, the service will extract the player from the maze and drop them off at the island's dock. The maze will be reset so that the player may attempt it again from the beginning. All items in the player's inventory are removed, except for the gift received from Rover.

If the Rescue Service is called while the player is dreaming, the Operator will begrudgingly not charge the player, but can only take them to the plaza of the island they are dreaming about.

The Operator of the service is usually Mr. Resetti; his theme music and voice are heard when calling, and a helicopter with his distinctive helmet and nose is shown on the app icon. Resetti even refers to himself by name in some of his dialogue, and he may state that the player cannot reset because of the game's autosave feature. On some occasions, Don Resetti may answer instead, mentioning that he is temporarily filling in for his brother.

If the player calls the Rescue Service in The Roost while Mr. Resetti and Don are present, no one will answer the phone.