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The Happy Home Network Design Contest was a monthly event accessible from the Happy Home Network in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. It ran from October 2015 to May 2017[1], and was run by King Nook. During its run, there was a new theme every month. Each contest included related items to use in the design, similar to DLC, which the player could use in later designs if they participated. Players could submit and vote on designs during the first half of each month, and the best designs were displayed on the Happy Home Network in the latter half.

As the contests progressed, more of the exclusive items were repeats of those used during previous contests. The October 2016 contest was the last one to include a "new" item (the Monitor Tower). From November 2016 to the final contest (May 2017), all exclusive items were repeats. The items distributed in this contest were later added to Animal Crossing: New Leaf in the Welcome amiibo update and can be purchased from the catalog if the player has Happy Home Designer save data on their Nintendo 3DS.

List of themes[edit]

List of themes
Month Theme Rewards
October The sweetest home ever! Massive Cake, Candy House
November A battle between giants Robot Hero, Inflatable Resetti
December A culinary contest. Giant Stewpot, Large Egg
Month Theme Rewards
January An attack of the invaders. UFO, Giant Ant
February A celebrity lifestyle. Mountain of Bills, Luxury Car
March A seascape on the horizon. Iceberg, Submarine
April A land of fairy tales. Carriage, Spinning Tea Cups
May The grand outdoors. Mountain, Tent
June A feast for a bear. Giant Stewpot, Giant Teddy Bear
July The journey home. Propeller Plane, UFO
August A comfy, cozy lifestyle. Candy House, Tent
September A harsh habitat. The Sun, Iceberg
October A robot control room. Monitor Tower, Robot Hero
November A bit of old, a bit of new. Luxury Car, Carriage
December An attack of the snack. Giant Ant, Massive Cake
Month Theme Rewards
January An adventure begins. Propeller Plane, Mountain
February A roundabout round. Monitor Tower, Spinning Tea Cups
March A treasure trove. Giant Teddy Bear, Mountain of Bills
April An energy boost. Large Egg, The Sun
May An underwater emergency. Inflatable Resetti, Submarine


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