Happy Home Handbook

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The player accessing the Happy Home Handbook

The Happy Home Handbook is a manual containing lessons on home design that the player can study to unlock new features, such as the ability to place furniture on the ceiling, in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. On the ninth in-game day, after the first public facility has been built and designed, Tom Nook gives it to the player as a gift. It can be accessed by sitting at the desk where the game can be saved — located on the first floor of Nook's Homes — and then choosing to study the handbook. In total, there are fourteen lessons, and all of the lessons (excluding the first one, which is offered for free) require a payment of one, two, or five Play Coins to be unlocked. Only one lesson can be learned each day.

List of Happy Home Handbook lessons[edit]

  • Ceiling Decor – Free
  • Custom Designs – 1 Play Coin
  • Even More Designs – 5 Play Coins
  • Windows and More – 2 Play Coins
  • Sound Scenery – 2 Play Coins
  • Refurbishing – 2 Play Coins
  • Happy Home Camera – 1 Play Coin
  • World Insects – 2 Play Coins
  • World Fish – 2 Play Coins
  • Ancient Fossils – 2 Play Coins
  • Gyroids – 1 Play Coin
  • Art Collection – 1 Play Coin
  • Choosing A Layout – 5 Play Coins
  • Styling Machine – 5 Play Coins

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