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The player accessing the Happy Home Handbook.

The Happy Home Handbook is a feature in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. It is given to the player by Tom Nook after the school, the first facility, is built, and it can be accessed from the player's desk. As a manual, the Happy Home Handbook contains various lessons, each of which unlocks a gameplay mechanic, that can be purchased for one to five Play Coins. The first lesson, Ceiling Decor, is free and must be learned to unlock all other lessons. Only one lesson can be learned per in-game day.

List of Happy Home Handbook lessons[edit]

A Happy Home Handbook lesson.
Lesson Cost Result Description
Ceiling Decor  0 Play Coins Unlocks the ability to use ceiling decor when designing projects. "Interested in raising your interior designs to the next level? How about...to the ceiling! You can select ceiling decor from the [wall-mounted and ceiling decor items] catalog. It's that easy! Lamps, chandeliers, and mirror balls are just a few of the items you can use to decorate ceilings. Just make sure you don't place ceiling decor above any tall furniture items!"
Custom Designs  1 Play Coins Unlocks the ability to use custom designs when designing projects and gives them 15 pre-made designs. "Use custom designs to make completely original designs with the stroke of a stylus! Tap [design icon] to create your very own custom design. Use your imagination to draw something amazing! Warning! Your custom designs may be viewed by other users via Miiverse or communication features. Don't draw anything you don't want to share with others or that infringes on others' rights. And don't draw anything distasteful or anything that would hurt anyone's feelings!
Even More Designs[nb 1]  5 Play Coins Unlocks the sewing machine on the second floor of Nook's Homes, which allows the player to create pro designs and create and read QR Code designs. "If you're looking for a little more than what you can do with custom designs, check out this special design tool! If you use this machine you can make long-sleeved shirts and dresses. That's so cool! You can even use QR Code patterns to introduce other people to your designs and receive designs yourself. Use this machine now to open the door to an amazing new world of designs!"
Windows and More  2 Play Coins Unlocks the ability to use windows, curtains, and doors when designing projects. "You can now design items such as windows, curtains, and doors—without a doubt, the things that really make a house a home! Change windows, doors, and other such items from the [home features] catalog. Each room can have its own windows, curtains, and door designs, so hop to it!"
Sound Scenery  2 Play Coins Unlocks the ability to place ambient sounds, known as sound scenery, in homes or facilities. "Music is nice and all, but wouldn't it be cool if you could add some atmosphere to a room with the soothing sounds of waves or wind? You can now select different sound effects (or "sound scenery," as we home-design pros like to call it! from the [home features] catalog. "Sounds" like a good idea, doesn't it? Go give it a try!"
Refurbishing  2 Play Coins Unlocks the ability to customize the variations and patterns of certain furniture items. "If you want to refurbish furniture, Cyrus from Re-Tail will remake your items with professional care. Just tap and slide furniture blocks over to the refurbish box for easy refurbishing. For some furniture, you can change the color and fabric or even decorate with one of your custom designs! But you may not be able to refurbish ALL types of furniture. Oh well!"
Happy Home Camera  1 Play Coins Unlocks the Happy Home Camera, which allows the player to change the camera angle when designing projects to take screenshots. "Make it even easier to take stunning, stylish photos with Happy Home Camera! Touch [camera icon] to take out the Happy Home Camera, and move the viewpoint by dragging the camera on the floor plan. Change the camera angle with 3DS +Control Pad.svg, and take a photo by holding down 3DS L Button.svg and pressing 3DS R Button.svg! When you're all done, tap and drag the camera to the trash can."
World Insects  2 Play Coins Unlocks all 72 bugs as furniture items to use when designing projects. "Bugs from various villages and the southern island have been added to your [furniture] catalog! Poor Blathers, the museum curator, is responsible for supervising these slippery and slimy creatures. There are 72 kinds in all. Snails and hermit crabs are also included (even though they're not bugs). You might even find cicada shells, which don't actually contain bugs. Those are Blathers's favorites!"
World Fish  2 Play Coins Unlocks all 72 fish and 30 sea creatures as furniture items to use when designing projects. "Fish and sea creatures from various villages and the southern island have been added to your [furniture] catalog! There are 102 kinds in all, from the tiny neon tetra to the huge whale shark. Blathers has added some wonderfully peculiar items like seaweed and sea grapes to this marine collection."
Ancient Fossils  2 Play Coins Unlocks all 57 fossil parts (comprising 20 complete fossils), 10 individual fossils, and 20 fossil models as furniture items to use when designing projects. "A selection of fossils, personally compiled by museum curator Blathers, has been added to your collection. There are 20 massive fossils made up of various parts and 10 kinds of fossils composed of single parts. There are also 20 additional miniature fossils, which just shows how far a fossil lover like Blathers will go to get the very best."
Gyroids  1 Play Coins Unlocks all 131 gyroids as furniture items to use when designing projects. "Mysterious furniture that makes strange sounds? Sign me up! You can now find gyroids in your [furniture] catalog! There are 131 kinds of gyroids, including four rare Brewstoids—a must-have for the gyroid connoisseur. Gyroids are great, but they are even more fun when you combine their noises with music. The sounds they make will astound and inspire you!"
Art Collection  1 Play Coins Unlocks all 25 paintings and 8 sculptures, along with their forgery variations (which do not appear in the catalog), as furniture items to use when designing projects. "Paintings and sculptures from around the world have now been added to the [furniture] catalog, thanks to the efforts of Blathers. Make an impression by using famous artwork to decorate homes! Just make sure to watch out for fakes..."
Choosing a Layout  5 Play Coins Unlocks the ability to choose between four room sizes for one-room homes or add an additional room in one of four locations before taking on a client request. "The next big step in home design is choosing a floor plan. You can now make rooms bigger and increase the number of rooms—something your high-class clients will really love."
Styling Machine  5 Play Coins Unlocks the styling machine on the second floor of Nook's Homes, which allows the player to change their face style, eye color, skin tone, hairstyle, and hair color. "Ready for a new look? You can change your hairstyle and hair color to match your mood for the day! The styling machine is an amazing device that lets you switch up your personal style with ease. Just take a seat in the salon chair and choose the color and style you want. You can even change your facial features! It's time to discover a whole new you!"


  1. Available only after learning the Custom Designs lesson.