Souvenir chocolates (New Horizons)

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Souvenir Chocolates NH Inv Icon.png Souvenir chocolates Type of other item
Souvenir chocolates
Buy price Sell price
 800 Poki  222 Bells
Obtain via  Paradise Planning office
Stack 10
Edible Yes (provides 1 energy points)
Names in other languages
 기념품 초콜릿
 boîte de chocolats souvenir
 boîte de chocolats souvenir
 caja bombones de recuerdo
 caja de dulces de souvenir
 scatola di praline souvenir
 сувенирные шоколадки

Souvenir chocolates are an item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced in the 2.0 Free Update. These items are edible and by eating it, the player will earn energy to be able to relocate trees or break rocks. Up to 10 of the item can be stacked together.

Souvenir chocolates can be obtained from the Paradise Planning office for  800 Poki. When given to a villager, the player can invite them to visit the Paradise Planning office to have their own vacation home. This will only occur if the villager does not already have a vacation home developed by Paradise Planning.