Happy Home Showcase

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Happy Home Showcase
Happy Home Showcase outside.jpg
Outside the HHS
NL HHS plaza.jpg
Inside the plaza
Service Visit StreetPass players' homes
Opening hours All day
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Happy Home Showcase is a plaza that appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, allowing players to meet and visit other players and their homes that have they have met using the StreetPass feature of the Nintendo 3DS. This feature is not available when the system has parental controls on, with Digby blocking the player if they try to enter.


Example model homes

The Happy Home Showcase contains model homes that belong to players that have been StreetPassed with. StreetPassed players will walk around the plaza, holding items such as ice cream cones, balloons, and pinwheels, which represent the number of times they have been StreetPassed with. There are three blocks of houses in the StreetPass plaza, each with 16 homes, allowing each player to visit 48 StreetPassed players at a given time before homes start being replaced. However, the player can save up to 16 houses so they don't get replaced; homes that have been saved are noted on the map by a pink lock with a heart over the house. Houses that have not been visited are noted on the map in yellow. Houses that have a yellow outline have been updated since last visited. Houses that have been seen but have not saved are shown in grey.

The player can also order items from the house that they are visiting, though special items cannot be bought, such as refurbished items or items that cannot be ordered from the catalog. Only 5 items from each house can be ordered at a time, per day,[1] and they have a 20% markup, rounded down. Players can also see the badges that other players have earned from Phineas for activities.[2]

Special items[edit]

Players received via Streetpass may sometimes be holding an item they may give.

Colors may vary.

Special homes[edit]

  • North American players can receive special homes belonging to members of the game's staff as well as other Nintendo employees through Spotpass. Its availability in other regions is unknown. [3]
Name Town Distribution dates
Reggie Nirvana June 24, 2013[4]
Rich Ramburg
Krys Clover
DY HighNote
Lindsey Autumn
Kate Lizards
Corey Kihei
Steph Leafy
Bill Cascadia
Reiko Biscotti
Ray Joyo
Chiko ToriTori
Nate Beantown
Snay Snerkvil
Covet Latte ☆
Alexis Dano


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