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This article is about the signpost with messages in the player's town. For the item in Animal Crossing, see Item:Sign board (Animal Crossing).
A signpost in Animal Crossing: City Folk

A signpost is a structure in the player's town in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Several signposts are placed around town and each contain a message, often a gameplay tip. When a villager moves in, their house replaces a signpost. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a signpost serves as a placeholder in the campsite for the second amenity slot.


In Animal Crossing[edit]

In Animal Crossing, each acre has a set amount of signposts, and each town has at least 15. When a villager moves in, their house will take the place of a signpost and vice-versa. Additionally, when a camper, Gracie, Katrina, or Redd visits, they appear where a signpost is.

In Wild World and City Folk[edit]

The player reading a signpost in Animal Crossing: City Folk

In Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk, like in Animal Crossing, villagers move in over signposts. In Wild World each town has around nine signposts, while in City Folk each town has around 25 to 30. In Wild World, Gulliver's UFO crashes on a signpost when shot down.

In Pocket Camp[edit]

The thought bubble that appears when walking up to the signpost in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a signpost will appear in the second amenity slot during the tutorial. The signpost remains there after the tutorial until the player reaches level 10 and unlocks the second amenity slot. While the signpost is there, no furniture can be placed inside the second amenity slot area.

List of messages[edit]

In Animal Crossing[edit]

  • Wisdom of Fishing
-You can't catch what you can't see.
-Fish won't bite what they can't see.
-Rainy days make the fish come play.
  • Wisdom of Fishing
-Always pay attention.
-Silence is better than noise.
-Walking is better than running.
  • Wisdom of Fishing
-Know where the fish live.
-Know the flow of the stream.
-Pull, then push.
  • Cutting down a tree just to get its fruit is foolishness itself.
  • If you must cut down a tree, be sure to plant another. Balance is the key.
  • CAUTION!! There are bees in them thar trees! Don't shake trees recklessly!
  • Don't eat what you can sell!! <Native fruit>: 100 Bells each! 500 Bells for other fruit.
    <Tom Nook's store>
  • I'll buy your fish! I'll pay market price for any type of fish.
    <Tom Nook's store>
  • I'll buy your insects! I'll pay market price for any type of insect.
    <Tom Nook's store>
  • Welcome to Crazy Redd's Furniture Emporium! Look for my special offers!
  • Soon, I will be coming to <Town>! Please come buy my carpets.
  • Come get your daily fortune! I read palms, paws, claws, talons, trotters, and hooves.
  • Farway Museum officially acknowledges <Town> as an archeological research and excavation site.
  • Help make your village a beautiful place! Plant flowers and attract people to your town.
  • If you have lost an important article, please stop by and check our Lost & Found.
    <Town> Police
  • Bug-Hunting Tip
    When it goes silent, wait patiently...
  • Bug-Hunting Tip
    Everyone wakes up at a different hour, but everyone sleeps at night.
  • Bug-Hunting Tip
    Get your net ready and approach it slowly! No sudden movements!
  • Be a good neighbor! If you see someone in need of help, lend a hand!
    The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only!
  • I come around on Sunday mornings to sell my turnips. Buy some! Play the market!
    Sow Joan

In Wild World[edit]

  • --The Fisherman's Creed--
    Unseen fish can't be found. Unseen bait won't lure.
  • --The Fisherman's Creed--
    Make not haste. Run not after mistakes.
  • --The Fisherman's Creed--
    Watch your rival's move! If it pulls away, pull back!
  • Danger! Beware of bees! Don't shake trees!
<A/An> <native fruit>: 100
Other fruit: 500
  • WILL PAY FOR FISH! Any kind, any size! (NOT any price!)
  • WILL PAY FOR BUGS! Any and all bugs welcome! With prices according!
  • --The Bug Catcher's Way--
    Rise early or sleep late, but always rest at night.
  • --The Bug Catcher's Way--
    Approach the catch slowly, lest it fly away!
  • Fortune and glory await underground. Meticulous digging will earn you yours!
  • Want to cross-breed your flowers? Plan your planting. The rest is a secret!
  • When unusual flowers bloom, unusual insects appear. The world sure can be unusual!
  • Sometimes, when you stare at the sky for a long time, you see strange things.
  • Really good friends give symbols of friendship to one another...don't they?

In City Folk[edit]

  • --The Fisherman's Creed--
    You can't catch fish you can't see, and fish won't eat bait they can't see.
  • --The Fisherman's Creed--
    Don't rush, but if you have to rush, don't run.
  • --The Fisherman's Creed--
    Watch your opponent, and pull before it can retreat!
  • Danger! Look out for bees! Don't shake trees!
  • Fruit Wanted!
One <native fruit>: 100 Bells
Other fruit: 500 Bells
  • Fish Wanted! I'll buy any fish for a reasonable price!
  • Bugs Wanted! I'll buy your bugs for a moderate price!
  • --The Bug Catcher's Way--
    Some bugs get up early, some sleep in, but late at night, most are asleep.
  • --The Bug Catcher's Way--
    Approach the catch slowly, lest it fly away!
  • Fortune and glory await underground. Meticulous digging will earn you yours!
  • If you want to crossbreed your flowers, plant them strategically. And the rest is a secret!
  • When rare flowers bloom, rare insects appear.
  • He who hankers for fruit resists cutting down trees!
  • If you cut down a tree because it's in your way, replace it somewhere else. Keep <Town> green!
  • Let's make this town better together. Contribute to the <Town> Fund.
    Town Hall Civic Center
  • Take the bus to the city! It leaves from the bus stop in front of the gate!
  • Preserve your memories with pictures! Take as many as you want--it's as easy as pressing 1!

In Pocket Camp[edit]

The signpost has no message in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but if the player walks up to it after the tutorial, it displays a thought bubble above the player's head with the following message:

  • Huh...looks like I can place amenities here once I've reached level 10.