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Carpet redirects here. For the items introduced in New Horizons, see Rug.
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Flooring (also known as a floor, formerly called carpet) is a type of item used to decorate the floor of the player's house. There are many different types of flooring. Some of the flooring types are associated with different furniture themes or sets, while others are just regular types that can be mixed and matched with any house items.

There are a total of 71 different carpets/floorings in Animal Crossing, 64 in Animal Crossing: Wild World, 85 in Animal Crossing: City Folk, 169 in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, 122 in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and 209 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Not all floors have a matching wallpaper. Designs can also be used as flooring. Flooring can be bought from Tom Nook, Timmy & Tommy, or Saharah, or received from villagers.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, flooring is represented by a different icon. The original icon is instead used for Rugs, which can be placed over flooring.

Item list[edit]

Animal Crossing[edit]

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Animal Crossing: Wild World[edit]

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Animal Crossing: City Folk[edit]

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf[edit]

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons[edit]

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Japanese ゆかいた
Yu kaita

Korean 바닥

Simplified Chinese 地板

Traditional Chinese 地板

Russian пол

Dutch Vloerbedekking Carpeting

German Boden Floor

European Spanish Suelo Floor

European French Sol Floor

Italian Pavimento Flooring